The Real Shuck & Jive

I’ve been worried about what will happen after Jan. 21st. We’ve been helplessly watching what is going on.  Obama can’t lead Congress (let alone anybody who doesn’t worship him) into any cooperation, so he keeps turning to Executive Orders to run the country. However, he keeps pushing them to the edge.  An executive order is supposed to apply only to the Executive Branch of our government.  But, Obama is using it as if he were KING and writing out royal decrees, making law by circumventing Congress. Some are beginning to call him on it. But, tomorrow he is supposed to be signing 19 Executive Orders. What in the world would require that number of orders to be signed into law at once, 16 days into the new year?

Since he cannot get the laws he wants passed through the House, and even the Senate, the  Legislative Branch of government – designated by the Constitution, by the way, he is using Executive Orders to run the country. With each order he signs, he continues to be emboldened and will at some point begin to feel empowered to push the boundaries, until we have relinquished the power of the people to a corrupted man. This is the last thing the founding fathers of our country would have imagined could happen under the very Constitution they wrote to protect the common man in America. Once he is sworn into office again next week, what will stop him? Short of impeachment?

The left continues to divert attention from his unconstitutional actions by using the race card and pinning it on the Republican Party.  Even Colin Powell is being used with him turning on the party, calling it racist for using the term “shuck & jive”.  Unfortunately, too many Americans believe Obama.  He is a deceitful manipulator, the best there is and guess what – he’s as white as he is black. And if that’s racist, so be it.

It’s about behavior not color. Obama & the left keep endorsing low-class and corrupt behavior & then blaming anyone who tries to call it for what it is – that they are racist – because Obama identifies himself as black.  The terms “shuck & jive” describe any person who uses bait & switch & everything from white to bold-faced lies. And Obama has done & does it all.  Republicans are not any more or less racist than anyone else – they are simply demanding high standards of behavior (even if some of their own don’t).  Why are we allowing these people to bully America into turning a blind eye to what’s really going on? Call it what it is – shuckin’ & jivin’ – all Americans.


A Universal Hope

“While the current President may be one of the most astoundingly incompetent, radically left, Eurocentric & egomaniacal presidents America has ever had – I still have hope because he is not bigger than the people. And he’s certainly not bigger than God.”

— Glenn Beck

The Extortion of America Begins

My first reaction to the election was, many people would suffer “death” from the fallout of Obama being elected. Now when I say that word, I include the death of a career, a reputation, morals, ethics, and the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

One of the first to “go”? – General Petraeus. Sorry he had an affair,  or whatever it was – Of course Clinton engaged in perverted sexual liaisons in the Oval Office and lied about it to the American people. Now he’s lauded as one of the most important people who supported Obama and solicited winning votes for him from his own adoring public. But – it’s important to cover up Libya and Benghazi-gate. It’s important that everyone toe the line with Obama and his agenda to fool us about what is really happening in the Middle East. So naturally, some sort of coercion resulted in Petraeus’ resignation.

Harry Reid, re-elected, threatened what action he would take in the House of Representatives, if they didn’t start cooperating with Obama’s agenda.  I have to re-examine the rules, but that kind of threat should be sanctioned. And would be if any conservative expressed it.

Today, the top executive of the BBC was forced to resign. Now, I just find it coincidental that someone free of any serious controversy in his career, suddenly resigns over the airing of a child-abuse report on some high-ranking political figure. Wouldn’t it be better to err on the side of the report, rather than fold under the pressure from government? Just seems the timing is peculiar. It’s important to look at who benefits from these removals of these people who appear to be somewhat “good”.

And today, some young woman was fired for using the racist slur of the “n” word and ponder on the assassination (Yes, I’m writing the word!) of Obama. I’ve seen that in print many, many times during these past months and years on public web pages. Why now? Why is this important now??

The fact that conservatives – Republicans – are being called a bunch of white racists is again peculiar in the wake of the election. This election was purely r-a-c-i-a-l. The facts speak for themselves. The liberal press was extremely ready to report that over 90% of the “African American” vote went to Obama. That some 80% of Hispanics voted for Obama. That a majority of young single women voted for Obama. So.  If that isn’t racist, I don’t know what is.  People of color voted overwhelmingly for Obama. This demographic must be protected and must not be allowed to hear from others within that demographic that may have opposing thoughts, ideas, principles, opinions, etc., etc., etc.  This is what racism is. And now – it’s ok for people of color to be racist.

If you think that rap, hip-hop, the whole black music scene and the rhetoric that comes out of the African American culture is not wholly and completely prejudiced and racist – beyond the pale – literally against the white race, the white businessman, white music, middle American & conservative values has not ever listened to anything on the radio.

Why is it okay for black people to use as every second word, the “n” word and every vulgar word imaginable, display these same images and behaviors in demeaning everything in life including women, ethnicity, sexuality, cultures, and language and the like – in the name of free speech – but one, young, white, woman says something publicly on facebook and suddenly it’s a crime??

This is how it is beginning. The coercion. The extortion. The blackmail.  The blatant suppression of free speech. BUT, only for those who are in opposition of Obama and his agenda.

This is obvious to all free-thinking Americans. I know no one is reading my posts. Except the Government. And I could get their attention. But only if others within their “demographic following” breaks free and starts thinking for themselves.

It was pointed out that Bill Maher can threaten voters that “blacks” know where they live – call it a “joke” and get away with it. Why? Because he is obsessed with Obama. So that makes it okay. We heard Biden say we would become slaves if Romney was elected. But, that’s Biden. So that is okay. Of course it is.

Can we fight this? I don’t know. When there are forces who will threaten, coerce, blackmail and extort to keep the rest of us quiet against Obama, it will become more and more difficult to resist the forces of the liberal press and more.  This is the history of all despots and tyrants and Hitlers in history.  This is how it begins. The ruler garners the complete obsessive adoration of the minorities of the culture and then proceeds to use them against successful, conservative, religious, and free-thinking individuals.  Eventually, the culture collapses and by the time the lower-educated masses discover how they’ve been duped, the damage is done.  The country is ruined. The control is complete.

Obama is beginning his reign of terror over us. It will be complete if the forces that oppose him are not strong and united.  U.S. Representatives and U.S. Senators must never use the word “compromise” in the next four years. They will be forced to support legislation and policies that are contrary to good fiscal and freedom loving principles. They must express that they are doing so in spite of their preferences and are being forced, coerced, and extorted to preserve the United States of America.  They must do everything they can to educate their constituency as to the forces that are driving their choices in order to preserve our economy and our rights – as far as they are able to do so.

Obama has expressed himself enough times to let us know that he has no intention of  “working” with anyone who does not agree with him and his agenda.  There is no reason to ever propose a budget (as the 2009 budget is frozen and favors his fiscal agenda). There is no reason to propose any modification of Obamacare.  He will push it thoroughly through – no matter what toll it takes on our society. This is a clear effort to undermine the medical doctor as we know it in society. This will force the “doctor” to be further beholden to the insurance companies and moreover the government. This leaves the doctor to become a bourgeois member of society without any distinction for their years of study and development, but placing them on par with a garbage collector.  This is Marxism. This is socialism. This is communist theory.

What better way to begin the disintegration of society than to take away the prestige of its leading professionals. Obama has attacked the banking system. He has made pariahs of finance professionals through the anti-Wall Street movement (mostly supported by homeless and fringe elements residing in cities and towns). He has perpetuated a serf and apprentice automobile industry through the stimulus program. He has empowered the force of unions versus and in spite of productive employment. He has finally, and most blatantly attacked the very core of our society – freedom of religion.  By forcing the birth control issue with the Catholic Church, the surreptitious support of homosexual marriage, which is contrary to all major religious beliefs, and his obvious support of radical religious figures, almost exclusively “African American.”

The extortion of America has begun. There have been many victims already this week.  Some are obviously high-profile like the general. But, some are just innocent white girls who think they can talk like their black counterparts who express themselves in the same manner – without any redress – at all.

We must fight back. This “president” does not represent me. He does not represent my values. He does not represent anything or my friends and family stand for.  He does not represent my religious beliefs.  He does not represent my cultural values or beliefs. I am white.  He is black. That is racial. Period. And he will never change anything I know or believe. I will survive these next four years. I only hope that America can survive.

LibyaGate – The Worst “Gate” Ever

The first thing I said when I heard the news was, Where were the Marines? As this unfolds, it disgusts me that Obama left an American ambassador without protection in a hostile country on 9/11. In my mind there is only one person to blame for these deaths and as Obama admitted during the second debate, in his own voice, the buck stops with him.

Libya was Obama’s shining example of how his bow-to-the-Arabs was a success. In my opinion, someone didn’t want to take any action that would cause him to admit that his stupid, irresponsible foreign policy is a disastrous, fatal failure. My heart goes out to the families of the victims of this horrible incompetence.

Today I saw on the internet, people remarking that the recently revealed emails were phony. People aren’t believing what was testified to in congressional hearings. They aren’t being told anything by the mainstream – lamestream – media about this.  The facts are unmistakable. Four Americans are dead. Even the State Department and people on the street in Libya agree that this had nothing to do with the “video”. We know that A) Obama & Clinton & others watched the raid on Bin Laden real-time and B) that it follows logically – these people knew what was happening – even watching parts of it – real-time.

Anyone who has anything invested in this scandal has said, with reservation, that a complete investigation is necessary to see who knew what and when. But no one is saying that Obama is clear of responsibility here. No one is saying that Clinton is clear here. And everyone says that the UN Ambassador Rice clearly delivered a message that was created and approved of by the White House. What does that tell you?

The answer is becoming more and more obvious. The White House – Obama – clearly tried to cover up and/or ignore this horrid event, hoping it would go away until at least after the election.  And, what is sooo unnerving, is that the media is totally and completely complicit in this affair. I don’t understand how this kind of corruption is acceptable, and how so many people are accepting of the cover-up.  Is there absolutely no ethics or morals left in the country? Has the liberal/progressive movement so corrupted the minds of Americans – so as to be likened to the complacent and blind German followers of Hitler?

So many questions. I don’t want to believe the obvious answers. I hope there are many others out there with backbones to stand up to this unprecedented level of corruption in this country. We can discuss history and other horrible chapters in our history, but there always seemed to be some redeeming forces to counteract evil forces. Right now, it seems to be overwhelming in favor of this hysterical cult-like following of Obama and his minions.

Well, just a few days from now the future of America as we know it will be decided. It makes one want to doubt democracy. Has it been so corrupted to be unusable? I’m not the only one who wonders what they will do if Obama gets elected. We will not be able to live the same way and there will be a horrible fight in store to regain control of our beloved country. And, based on Obama’s past performance, he may go to extremes to use “executive privilege” and other means to extort control from the democratic process. It’s frightening. But, I’m saying my prayers and hoping for the best. I hope others are praying, too. Because we need it.

“I Fear Thou Doth Protest Too Much…”

Have you ever noticed when someone is caught in a blatant lie, they will protest loudly with an attitude of “how dare you question my integrity?”

That was Obama tonight. Everyone in the press believes Obama won this debate. The truth? He did – in a way. He spoke more eloquently. (He danced like a bee, bouncing from point to point to lie to point.) But, every line he gave was a twist on Romney’s agenda or a personal dig on Romney and lie after lie after lie about Romney’s positions, the facts, really everything. But, Romney was on point and talked not to the debate, but to the voters watching at home. With the football, winner-take-all mentality of Americans, the press wants to reclaim their anointed one with the win.

However, something very interesting happened. Romney may have appeared to lose the battle, but he laid excellent groundwork to win the war. Many people did see the exacting points of Romney’s plan. Many people did see how elegant he actually behaved. And he deferred to Obama when Obama began to react violently his accusation of Obama either being a liar or covering-up the events surrounding the Libyan ambassador’s death.

Next week, the questions will be about foreign policy. Everyone in America knows, even if they are trying to stay in denial about their cult leader Obama, that he has either covered up, blamed Hilary, or was just so plain incompetent as to be run out of office, let alone voted out over the Libyan affair. I actually respected Romney for deferring to Obama when he became so agitated as to start losing his temper over the accusations against him.

Romney knows that he laid the groundwork for the next weeks up to the election.  He can batter Obama on points of character and leadership, putting him on the defensive. Romney continued to reiterate his common-sense plan to help America recover from the debacle of Obama’s last four years.  He did a great job of laying out the failures Obama’s last four years.

Obama may have garnered the attention of his base and the lame-stream media, but it’s not playing well with the undecided voters. His lack of substance, which the undecided voter is craving, is becoming more and more apparent to them. Romney planted seeds of doubt that will grow over the next week, as Republican politicians across the country play out the Libyan scandal for all  its worth. And even the media, as the tide turns again, will jump on it. Because more than adoring Obama or saving their jobs, yellow journalists love a scandal even more. They will jump on it like white on rice.

I think Obama showed up tonight, but he was barring his weasel-like personality, which will embed itself into America’s psyche into the next weeks. The fact that Obama protested his innocence so vehemently tells me right away that he is lyin’ through his weasel teeth. That old Shakespeare line about protesting too much – demonstrates the real truth. Romney didn’t have to argue any further. Obama had been given just enough rope. His words are set in stone and now – he has to defend them right up to election day. And, maybe beyond, as this scandal continues to unfold – And Romney, as President, continues the questioning.

A Sense of Entitlement – Or Stealing?

Something happened the other day that really upset me. I had to stop and think about why I got upset. And it became clear that it was just another example of something that defines life around me today and why this presidential election is so important.  We often complain as parents that kids nowadays just think they are so entitled. My kids are grown and now get it. But many people my kids’ ages just don’t get it. And that’s what was illustrated by my neighbor. I mostly ignore my neighbors and keep to myself. Mostly because I’m very busy. And mostly because our houses are very close together. Too close.

When the young family moved in next door with two grade schoolers, I was very busy. And because at least four other families have moved into this rental over the past six years, I’ve learned how to be a good, hands-off neighbor. Because of an odd configuration, this family planted a small patch of garden right into the street, making clear access to parking in front of my house problematic. It was inappropriate to say the least. Now, there’s a huge bunch of vegetation protruding into the street. I’ve never said anything about it, as it’s somewhat harmless, but again, their thought process was definitely single-minded and self-serving, as most people seem to be these days.

It was garbage day. I was good and put my can out the night before. Now, I come home at lunch. So, I drove down the street to see my neighbor, who is some sort of stay at-home or work-at-home dad, sauntering toward my garbage can with a small grocery bag of garbage and he proceeds to put it in my can. Now, I don’t know where you live, but the price of utilities and services are out of control here.  I pay an obnoxious amount for that can – for just myself.  It’s true, I rarely fill it. But – that’s not the point.

This guy is sauntering back to his place as I pull into my drive, slam on my brakes, get out and slam my door. Typical passive-aggressive behavior. I was ashamed of that, but I was so angry, I was afraid of what a direct confrontation would look like. He apologized. I said at least he could have asked. He said he didn’t think I’d mind, as his was full. He went to my can and took out his garbage. I just mumbled that he certainly didn’t think about things.

Now, really, I don’t mind sharing. I’d gladly share if he would have ever made any overture toward asking me about anything he has done next door. But, in his mind, I’m just a cranky old woman. He doesn’t get it.

That’s my can. I pay for it. “I built it.” I’ve lived in the community 30 years and I’m paying through the nose for everyone else who moves in recently and think it’s all theirs for the couple of years they live here before moving on. I’ve served in our government, volunteered, watched it change (just like everyone who sees their towns change over their lifetimes) and I work here.

Since my neighbor can’t seem to control his trash production, why does that become my responsibility? If he needs a bigger can, perhaps it’s his responsibility to pony up and pay for it? I know – these are not “progressive” ideas. These are choice and accountability ideas. Yes, I live alone and don’t often fill the can. But, for many years, I did. And sometimes, I didn’t have room and I saved the trash into the next week. I didn’t even think that someone else owed me their can. I thought it was like stealing.

But now? They seem to think it’s the socialist republic of Elm Street. I somehow owe my neighbor space in my garbage can, because I don’t use it all. It’s the “redistribution of wealth” isn’t it? In this case, it’s space in my can. In another, it’s paying for one’s success by giving your money to the government to take care of entitlements.

If you think this thought process is a stretch, would you let someone splice into your cable, or your water line, or your electrical box. Would you let someone tell you what to put into your cart at the grocery store to buy for them? Why not?  When we let others force the decision of whether or not we give or share, it is no longer charity, but appropriation. A big word for stealing.

To say the least, Mitt Romney understands this and I”m praying that this nation is able to see the light by election day. As of this day, both Obama and Biden have made fools of themselves in the debates, by showing the differences in what we are facing into the next four years – and well beyond. It is possible that true principles of choice and accountability can be reinstituted in this country. I’m praying that it can.

Going Green is FILTHY!

On October 1st a “GREEN” law went into effect in my county. Stores will be fined if they give out plastic bags. We’re being charged 10 cents per paper  bag.  This is the result of three fanatic MEN on our board of supervisors who passed this absolutely idiotic, stupid, short-sided freedom-grabbing law.

I’m so against this plastic bag ban. Quite a while ago I learned a good lesson. My beautiful Persian cat with his sensitive system had diarrhea on a black recyclable bag of mine. If I hadn’t seen it… I would have swooped it across the store counter – right where you put your food. This is a filthy decision. I won’t even use those bags for food that I have in the back of my car. I throw all kinds of stuff on top of them. Just imagine … the bag on the counter in front of you.  Who knows what kids do on them. Dog’s butts. Soccer cleats. People’s butts. Dirty sweatshirts. Used kleenex. Dirty diapers. Costco boxes. Orange & banana peels. Fast food droppings.  I dread going to the store anymore. It makes me sick just thinking about it…

On top of everything, the “reusable” bags are NOT recyclable due to the kind of plastic they’re made of and the dyes in them. Only a few recycling plants can even recycle some of them at all in the whole country.  The crinkly kind? They’re only photodegradable. Which means if you lay them out in a field in the sun, they will disintegrate eventually. Now, how long can you reuse them? Say you go to the store twice a week and use four of them at a time.  They can’t be washed. You can wipe them just so much. And they get ruined.

So now you buy how many more? And then you throw them out at the rate of about twenty a year. Okay, now you’re going to tell me you’re going to use cotton ones and wash them. Yeah. Right. How often? And what do you wash them with? Ugh. Really…

And of course, friends are complaining already. They have to go out to buy small trash can liners. They have to buy dog poopie bags. They have to buy more plastic bags for many things that the shopping bags would be recycled for. What are people going to do? Line their trashcans with cotton bags? This is complete insanity.

The reality – the amount of plastic that is saved is negligible. The increase of risk for disease and illness is exponential. I’m just waiting for someone to say they got e-coli and wonder where it came from. It will have come from their grocery cart or counter or one of their own “RECYCLABLE” bags.

GOING GREEN has pushed Americans over the edge to insanity, just as if it were mold, mildew, and pond scum choking out mankind’s common sense. We need to pull back before we give up ourselves to those who would like to manipulate us into giving up our own freedom of all personal choice.  We need to think for ourselves! I already want my plastic bags back!