Why did Obama do so Poorly?…

Because he believed his own press. The press has created this urban legend about Mitt Romney.

That he was 1) a liar. Ironically, Obama believed all the lies they told about Romney.

2) That Romney was timid. Obama believed what the press told him – and showed him and the country. Flat, lifeless clips of him. Spun into mean spiteful advertising.

3) That Romney was unintelligent. Obama believed it when the press made fun of Romney. That he was not capable of witty parlay or wonderful lawyer-like orations – like Obama.

4) That Romney actually had a plan.  While Romney was busy giving detailed specifics around the country, the press neglected to report on that. Instead, that “5 Trillion” number was repeated enough times that, like Romney’s five sons who, if they repeated  it enough times everyone would believe it. Again, ironically, Obama believes it, too.

Obama went on that stage last night and really didn’t recognize the man across from him. This is not the man he believed he was going to meet.  Obama’s minnions and press-lackeys had fed the all-powerful and all-knowing king all the lies he wanted to hear – until all of a sudden – Obama ended up facing the real Mitt Romney.

Mitt Romney. A good man. A righteous man. An intelligent man. A principled man. An experienced man. A capable man. A compassionate man.  A patriotic man. A real American man.

Obama was in shock. He has spent the past four years around only those people who “love” him. People who have coddled him. Protected him. Why, he never even crosses town to talk to Congressmen. Because they don’t “love” him and want to please him by telling him whatever he wants to hear.  Obama has only been a community organizer and only ever “worked together” with Pelosi and Reid. Romney showed he was and is and will be a true executive leader.

Yes, Obama didn’t know the Mitt Romney that showed up last night.  Most conservatives did. Most Republicans did. Yet Obama – who has been absent from that chair, had studied his lines, but never expected someone to argue with him about them. He expected Romney to be that quiet, respectful and reserved debater that he was among the many Republican primary candidates. Obama never expected Romney to call him out on the lies and legends. Obama never expected Romney to be the boss he is – a past CEO and past governor.

Obama has campaigned only to the press and to the willing, adoring supporters with whom he has surrounded himself. All of a sudden the “great orator” actually had someone to campaign against and he could NOT handle it. Obama hung his head, because he couldn’t look Romney in the eye.

Ironically, Romney knew Obama before last night. He knows Obama very well. He studied him.  He watched him.  He read what he wrote. He studied everything he’s done. And didn’t do. Romney was very intimately acquainted with his opponent and every possible issue surrounding his last four years and then some.

We know Obama has a rotten record, is incompetent and can’t talk without a teleprompter. We just needed someone to show the country that. Last night Mitt Romney did. Romney looked Obama in the eye and made him back down – through something so simple. Telling him and America the truth.

That’s why Obama did so poorly. And – IT HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH THE ALTITUDE IN DENVER. (Except his own arrogant nose stuck up in the air.)


HA! HA! The Empty Chair….

I was so afraid of this debate.  Obama has had all this build up about his debating skills. But several things happened last night. Obama had to take that empty chair!!!

I spent the 90 minutes yelling at Obama. Actually, I watched it with a friend, so I really wasn’t just talking to myself.  But really, without the lamestream media – or a teleprompter with someone else’s speech on it – talking for him, Obama is a very limited speaker. He is limited in his intelligence.  He is limited in his ability to relate to Americans.  He kept talking about Americans as “they”. “WE” are not they. WE are WE.

I LOVE Romney. I loved his real personality coming out.  The media has LIED and LIED about him for these many months. But, the media couldn’t hide the HD-TV truth! This was a real test for Obama. Obama’s record of course, is horrible. And now, he can’t hide. His real agenda is becoming apparent.

I went to sleep last night worried about how the liberal media would be spinning this debate. BUT, this morning even Chris Matthews’ leg was NOT tingling! He was sooo disappointed. Waa – Waa! Now, even the lamestream media are not willing to sell their jobs out to save Obama’s ….! They are actually going to have to admit the truth that is glaring in their faces.  Besides, they are gutless wonders who have no ethics or loyalty.  They are completely ready to jump ship and board the Romney cruise to the White House – if necessary. They are busy now covering all their bases.

Yeah, we always knew Obama was a spineless  weasel. Yes, these are the kinds of things I was yelling at the TV screen last night. But, hey, he showed that he knows absolutely nothing about the economy – we all knew that. But he proved it. I just love it. The tide is beginning to turn. 

Romney doesn’t look at Obama like I have. He actually cares – even about Democrats. Even about Obama. But he cares about America more. I understand this. Now, others are beginning to know this also.  I hope everyone goes out to vote – even in blue states. And vote for Romney and other conservatives in local and congressional elections also. But – most important of all – get out and exercise the wonderful privilege and power of the vote.

Today Is Worse – We Need Romney – Quick!

I’ve had it.  I am so disgusted at this gutless incompetent wonder called Obama. Everyone (at least anyone who had any knowledge of the Middle East) knew it was just a matter of time before the muslim brotherhood erupted in coordinated violence from Africa to India and here we go. I have one question? Is Obama really this stupid? Or does he really want America to bow to the new united arab states? He was raised in Indonesia as a muslim and I have to believe – through Obama’s weak and gutless actions – that his cultural sympathies must rest with his muslim brothers. Why have these embassies been left so unprotected?? I blame Hilary & Obama. Everyone knew not to trust the security in these countries – especially on 9/11. This is such an abomination to let this develop and now we will be embroiled in war for decades to come – if we expect to even survive as a nation in this mess. America you better wake up and vote every liberal socialist out across the country in each of your own hometowns, and get Obama OUT. Or else go to Rosetta Stone-dot-com right now and get your very own Learning Arabic Made Easy!

Obama is getting away with what he HASN”T done. You can go to bed and stick your head in the sand. And don’t be surprised on that morning when you wake up to another 9/11! And worse than you can imagine.  Somehow people think that Obama is head of our military, but just because Obama gets asked about military actions, doesn’t mean he understands anything. We have to stop being so ignorant about this totally inept man. I’m sure Obama went to bed tonight too. He either is incredibly dumb or really is supporting all this. After reading blogs and comments, I see there are demented obama-idolizer kool-aid drinkers out there that need to wake up!Anyone who knows anything about the political dynamics of the Middle East knows that all the moderate and controlled leaders had to be gotten rid of to put into action what is happening right now.

The problem – much to the chagrin of liberals – is NOT conservatives. Even liberal thinkers decry violence and murder. (This can’t be what liberals want.)   The problem is blind faith in Obama – who just cost at least four more American lives. My question who argues that conservatives are the problem, I have to ask – are you willing to put yourself over there? Are you joining the Army tomorrow? Are you willing to travel there and volunteer your time among these “peaceful loving” people? Otherwise they better reconsider their position.

The argument seems to be that just because Mitt Romney states the obvious, he is attacking Obama? LOL. You have to be blind and stupid not to see how Obama has failed, is failing and will continue to fail.  I’m sick of how dangerous his incompetence has made this country. And all these other countries.  Don’ t their people deserve better than this kind of out-of-control violence?? Why did anyone in our government let any statesman like an ambassador go into a hostile country without demanding, insisting and providing adequate security for them – i.e. arned-to-the teeth Marines – not just security guards. Talking is soooo diplomatic, but it will not protect any human.  These muslim extremists want only to hurt, kill or maim Americans. We need to wake up and stop trying to deal with these people in any civilized way. This is what will happen.  I am so sorry for the families that have suffered from these failed actions.

Romney stood up to Obama and his ignorance and failure to prevent this newest crisis.  The only backfire on Romney’s comments have been from yellow-journalists who are really just liberal/socialist campaigners.  So long as you believe what you hear and read in the liberal media you will believe that Romney is somehow not on point. The truth? People are dead. Violent protests are breaking out across the Middle East. Lives are at stake. Governments are at stake. And Obama is responsible. Period.

I’m so surprised by the naive views I see posted. That people believe this is just a few thugs doing all this in the Middle East. Ask the Syrians that. All the thousands who have lost their lives. Ask all the women who wear burqas. Ask all the people who must, without any freedom of speech follow these thugs who take over governments and tyrannize their people. And if you don’t believe they want you, as Americans (and Jews), gone off this earth – d e a d – then you are hopelessly naive. And if you think that what is going on this week in the Middle East was not preventable, please, get a one-way ticket there. Take your chances why don’t you, walking their streets in your American clothing. Wise up. I’m grateful there’s someone like Romney who is able to give his comments and insights in contrast to Obama. It will take a real leader like Romney to get us out of this.

Now I Get IT.

I have done my patriotic duty. For all the years Clinton was president, I buried my head in the sand and was proudly able to declare I never listened to the slimey weasel for more than 90 seconds. I missed 8 States of the Union addresses. I missed two inaugural speeches. I even missed most of his denial of his affair with Monica Lewinsky.  I was so proud of myself.

But, we are at so serious of a crossroad in this country, I broke my vow of purity and listened to more than 20 minutes of him tonight. That man never fooled me. From  the time he hit the primary circuit, I recognized him for the low-life that he proved himself to be. Coupled with Michelle Obama last night, I became really sickened at what I am seeing. Not as much from them as speakers, as much as their audience.

The audience was not just mesmerized by them as they spoke, they had looks of complete and unbridled adoration in their eyes. They gazed upon Clinton and Michelle as if they were Greek gods. So much is made of the term cult and those who follow cult leaders and this is what I’m seeing. This was not simple admiration and respect in their eyes. This is starry-eyed love. The kind you see in the eyes of teenagers gazing upon their favorite teen rock star.  The level of desire in their body language was palpable.

All of this is not only sickening, but it is down-right dangerous. But, as a woman of faith, I would never be looking at a politician, no matter how charismatic or promising, in that manner. Why? The million-dollar question. Because I do not look at other humans as my savior. But, clearly, these people not only looked at Barry Obama that way last election, but they are putting not only him, but the other speakers on the same pedestals during this convention. I am flabbergasted at the blatant cultish display.

But then it hits me. I get it. These are people who took the word “God” out of their platform and the recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Then, they boo-ed and drowned out the vote today to reinstate the words. These are people who really don’t have the level of faith that I guess I have in my life. They have to project their hopes and dreams on something or someone, because they feel so disenfranchised in their ordinary lives, that this is their chance to find some happiness. This is a basic psychological profile that is often displayed, but when you put them all in a stadium, you get a James and Tammy Faye Baker effect.

Now, I’m not saying Barry and Michelle are Jim and Tammy Faye, but really, should Americans be looking at presidents in this manner?? This is how we got Clinton and now Obama. Once you recognize the syndrome, you should be able to make better choices. Well, in theory.

Now, I know I didn’t listen to everything Clinton said, but what I heard was a masterful misrepresentation of facts and fantasy. (I usually read his speeches in the past.) He made himself and Obama look like knights in shining armor, ready to save all the damsels in America in distress (if men are damsels, too).  I’m aware of why Clinton won 2 terms. And I’m so afraid that Obama will do the same. The both of them are great speakers. But, never do they every speak of everyday solutions. They pontificate and idealize everything, luring people to follow them like the Pied Piper. But, didn’t all great dictators and despots of the world do that? People looked at Hitler and Mao just the same way.

I’ve watched the documentary, “Obama 2016”. (Actually our small-town movie theater dared to show the film for a week and received threatening letters of how they should not show the film and not get involved in politics. Does this sound like people who want to be in it “together”? Only if you think like them.) I’m beginning to understand the motivation behind Obama’s politics. He does NOT see America the same way ther rest of us do. People are following him, hearing through their own clouded misunderstanding, not knowing at all what is behind the smoke and mirrors. We are on a precipice, looking into a great chasm that will destroy America. If ever there was a need to hold fast to ideology, it is now the time to cling to America’s Declaration of Independence, Constitution, Bill  of Rights and other tenets of our founding fathers. In no way should we be sauntering down roads behind flattering demigogues like Obama and Clinton. Clinton – although he is a fantastic speaker, he is a neophite when it comes to Obama – doesn’t even imagine what is in Obama’s mind and heart. Obama’s agenda isn’t anything like what Clinton thinks it is. Even Hilary Clinton isn’t buying Obama’s agenda. I think she is just biding time, hoping that things are so trashed that she can’t become president herself. (Hate to tell her, if Obama has 4 more years – it will be.)

Mitt Romney doesn’t have some hidden agenda. He doesn’t have any squirrelly background – tied to an absent Kenyan father and questionable influences from far-left – yes, progressive, socialist, and communist influences. From avowed members of these disciplines. I have yet to hear about ANY conservative influences. I have yet to hear about clear-cut religious influences, besides a Muslim grade school and a radical Rev. Wright in Chicago that may help to define Obama’s theological beliefs. I’m more disturbed that he doesn’t articulate or demonstrate his faith, more than whatever it may be. Based on his actions (which speak even more than words) I feel he may be hiding even more radical ideas than what we already know about.

I’m sick to think we may miss this opportunity to place Mitt Romney in the White House. I think a fine man, with an honorable background in public service and impeccable executive skills, may not be perceived by Americans as “sensational” enough to fix the horrible economic mess we’re in. When we compete with the extreme showmanship and warped messaging and idol-fixation of the liberal, it is an uphill battle.

And the economic mess that the dems keep talking about – this was somewhat under control as we moved through the Iraq War. Wars are always funded on “credit”.  But then, Bush, as a 2nd term president, faced a Democrat-controlled Congress who began the march toward economic destruction. What the Dems always point out about the Clinton presidency and all its economic prosperity, fail to mention the Republican controlled Congress. It’s like looking at a husband and wife where the husband takes credit for all of the wife’s frugality and good economics.  Then, in looking at another couple, the husband is blamed for all of the wife’s over-spending and wastefulness.

I know no one is reading this, but it feels so good to get it out and to see that my assumptions and predictions are verified. As for Obama tomorrow night – he will take a fairly high road, as it has been laid out on a bunch of scumbags so far. The vision of the Republican has been portrayed by the convention as horrible, backward and narrow-minded, made up of old white men who want to take everyone’s money and ruin the middle class. Of course, reality could not be further from the truth.  Obama will allude to the messages already made, not getting his own hands dirty – yet. But, just wait. This campaign will become one of good versus evil. Good doesn’t always win. But – I get it.

A Gun-Control Problem?

Apparently there’s trouble in Chicago lately. Really? There seems to be an increase in killings – involving guns. Someone’s trying to make a gun-control issue out of it. As usual. But, guns are not the crux of the problem.

Chicago represents what’s happening across America. Gang and drug-related killings are up everywhere. Unemployment is out of control and more & more people are involved everywhere – struggling to control their turf and the money brought in by criminal activity.

Couple this with the infiltration of Russian mafia into drug cartels, sex trafficking, illegal aliens, and plain old under-educated and unemployed Americans, you have a recipe for death and destruction. Chicago is, has been, and may always be a center for this element. Add to all this, corrupt and/or totally inept government leadership, not only in Chicago, but across America ( can you say Fast & Furious, just one example ),  a break-down of the family, and a lack of respect for education and authority, we can only expect more of the same.

The end to all this? Will only begin in the home. When each person just stops using drugs and or mood-affecting substances (alcohol, illegal drugs, prescription drugs, over-caffeinated beverages, over-the-counter prescriptions, etc. etc. etc.) – and we begin to hold ourselves and our families accountable to higher standards of behavior, then will we even begin to combat this problem.

One more problem. Until the economy improves and we have a President who is competent and in touch with the real issues and can actually do the job of being the Executive of the United States, and not its “pop-star community organizer” from Chicago, we will continue to disintegrate. More and more people will react with aggression and violence. Guns are one of the symptoms of the problem. The problem is sad, depressed, hopeless people, especially young people, who are trying to grasp at anything to take control of their lives. Often that involves guns.

It’s not the guns that are the problem. It’s a lack of leadership. Try voting for people with integrity and ability, hopefully conservative, but anyone who has brains and integrity will do.  Act locally and make your vote count. We do have the power to turn the country around.  Send Obama back to Chicago to see if he can organize that community. I believe Romney can do the job, but he has to be elected first. That takes some bold and intelligent choices by a lot of people who want to believe their vote will count.

Campaign Ads – Blatant Lies & Bullying

I’m against any campaign ads that depict violence. But, remember the Palin/Republican ads that used bull’s-eyes to represent those elections that need to be targeted? Of course, most of America shops at a store called Target whose logo is a bullseye. There doesn’t seem to be any complaints about targeting savings.  But, there was a lot of discussion about those ads at the time.

This time around, I’ve already seen some pretty sleazy anti-Romney ads. Living in a blue state, I don’t suppose much money is going to be spent here showing anti-Obama ads, but, already there’s a distinct difference in the ads we’re seeing.  The first anti-Romney ad I saw, I was so embarrassed for its creators.  It’s the ad with Mitt Romney singing America the Beautiful at a campaign stop. They took the voice track, separated it from the crowd’s noise, canned it into an echo chamber and pointedly exaggerated Romney’s lack of singing talent.

I’m so offended on so many levels by this ad. First, it attempts to shame Romney’s unabashed patriotism. Happily singing with the crowd, he grins from ear to ear, joining in a patriotic moment, honoring our country. He, in that moment, represents the very best in each of us. When we try our best to sing our un-singable national anthem at a special or sports event, we know none of us is able to sing it – even Mariah Carey has to stretch to sing it well.  America the Beautiful isn’t quite as hard, but it has lots of notes that are not easy for the amateur vocalist to hit, let alone the lesser talented of us. But, most of us sing out loudly and proudly!

So, making fun of Mitt Romney’s singing ability – or lack of it – blatantly contradicts the “sweet” liberal who staunchly defends and tolerates “everyone’s” differences and disdains bullying.  Granted most negative ads are never high-class, but this one really scrapes the bottom of the barrel. I guess it’s about bashing Romney’s business record, but I haven’t paid any attention to its message at all.  It’s bad enough that most of us know very well we don’t have American Idol caliber voices, but to be made fun of is one of our greatest fears. The President of the United States Obama, I guess because he is able to carry a tune, endorses this ad.  So, he apparently not only endorses negative ads, but ads that bully and attempt to personally shame others as well. 

I’ve been so ashamed of this president since the day he took office. But, apart from my personal opinion, I plan to be even further ashamed as this presidential election campaign goes into full gear. We will see the meanest and most degrading attempts to discredit Mitt Romney, his running mate, and most other conservative candidates in this election.  I’m not naive. Even the most honest of attacks look bad at best. It’s too bad this is a campaign reality.  So, I’m sure conservatives and Romney will be slinging some mud, making them just as guilty of negative ads.

However, a gross misrepresentation is different from pointed criticism and review of someone’s record.  This is accomplished in the America the Beautiful ad. It’s also apparent in a newer ad that reviews a worker whose company was affected by Romney’s company, Bain Capital. However, the timeline of the events is grossly misrepresented. The ex-steelworker tells how his wife died of cancer after he lost his health insurance.  The problem with this worker’s complaint is, when his plant closed, his wife had other health insurance for the family. And then, some five years later, long after Romney had left his job, his wife died after the brief illness.

In my day, this was called lying. Unfortunately, the leftist, progressive liberal unconditionally believes whatever is fed to them.  The same group who disdains the religious “right” with their faith and beliefs in morality and honesty. The same group who disdains corporate misrepresentation, screaming for “truth” and “transparency”.  The same group who disdains bullying and “advocates” for equality and acceptance.  The same group who wants to “save the earth” – and ironically, probably wanted the dirty old steel plant closed anyway!

No, we haven’t seen anything yet this election.  And I predict the left will stop at nothing. And you will not hear a peep from Obama about it. No matter how personally vulgar it will get against Romney. I wish I could hold them to a higher standard than the low-class campaign they are already producing. I think Romney will call them out on their sleazy-ness, but the left and their leader Obama will just laugh and continue on. America needs better than a president who accepts and ignores this kind of campaigning. It speaks to his lack of integrity and good judgment. The one thing I’m praying for – let them laugh themselves right out of the White House and Washington. It is so important we get to the polls November 6th. Even if you’re in a blue state, think nationally, but vote for your local conservatives.  You can do a lot to support change your own community or at least provide balance.

America is still beautiful and I, for one, will continue to sing out – even off-key – for it.

Romney’s Visit to Israel – A Reflection of the Issues

I was only 17 years old when I visited Israel. I will tell you that was very many years ago. However, the first thing that struck me – even then – was how the new Jewish settlers had transformed the country from the Palestinians who lived there for the past two thousand years.  There was a stark contrast between the two cultures which I have watched develop over the past forty years.  It’s more than obvious that the Jewish culture continues to be more and more prosperous while the Palestinian culture has not kept pace and the argument quickly becomes one that of course the Jewish people must be “taking advantage of” or “oppressing” the Palestinians – that’s why they have lagged behind.
Unfortunately, the argument doesn’t hold water due to the fact that most of Israel’s prosperity came about through plain old hard labor, creating fruitful farmland and successful industry.  And unfortunately, it boils down to a difference in priorities and work ethic. Sorry – but it’s the plain truth. The Palestinians have had the same abilities and certainly access to the same resources. Each culture has made their own choices. 
The Palestinians have chosen to support a culture of violence, hatred and an unwillingness to compromise with the Israelis – no matter what concessions have been offered to them. (It goes to the extremist Muslim philosophy of destroying the Jews – sorry, that’s the reality of the elephant in the room!) And any restrictions the Palestinians have suffered have been brought upon themselves through their continuous terrorist violence towards the Jews. It would have been nice for them if the Jews had not been exiled to Israel after WWII, but that’s another reality that just can’t be changed. Get over it.
Until, and unless, the Palestinians support a willingness to compromise and work together, they will continue to have “less”. It’s all about choice. As for Romney’s comments, he was simply pointing out the obvious and would love to see more prosperity for all. However, if the obvious should be changed – where has Obama been these past years? Simply disrespecting Israel without any solutions and allowing the unrest to escalate not only between Israel and the Palestinians, but throughout the Middle East, especially now Syria. Romney understands the reality and will work to not only support Israel, but help to facilitate an understanding with the Palestinians in order to further peace between them. Voting for Obama means further unrest and voting for Romney means a chance for real change in Israel.