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Throughout the fall and winter, I made it a point to go on daily to facebook & some news sites and make comments. I found it imperative to dispel lies, myths, and to fight against the Clinton/media machine. I even coined a word for the Dem losers – Cry-Bullies. I actually heard it said by some pundit on a news show!   I look forward to reviewing them later, but I thought I’d jump in today and start recording some impressions.

I can’t express how free I’ve felt over the past three weeks! It was like a cloud lifted and rainbows & unicorns danced across the rainy winter sky on January 20th! I can’t tell you how many people I know felt the same way. Like we’d been liberated by the Allies. Escaped from prison. Quit a really bad job. Left an abusive spouse. Left the witness protection program because the mob boss finally died. Took the last final exam. Won the Battle of the Bulge. You name it. That’s how it felt!

And following all the crap that Obama flung against the wall, seeing what he could make stick, no one was entirely convinced he’d ever get on that chopper & leave D.C. Oh, we’ll never be completely rid of him. But he was literally out of office. Finally. Eight long, miseralbe disgusting years were over.

Then we have watched the dizzying pace at which change has been put into motion. It’s been pretty much determined that the Dems have nothing but emotion to go on, so they are reacting hysterically at every turn. The only hope to get rid of some the older ones (Pelosi. Waters. Schumer.)  is that they have some adverse physical reaction to all this and have to resign. HA! All they seem to be able to claim is that these “changes” will adversely affect climate change, gender identity, and Russian hacking. If you step back and look at it objectively, it’s asinine at best and hysterically funny otherwise. Most of the actions have actually just been a roll-back of Obama’s executive orders. Nothing but a turning back to normalcy. Which does not favor lawlessness, indecency and anarchy. And to which no one owes any apologies.

I’m very surprised as I wait for the decision of the 9th Circuit Court about the immigration vetting order for the seven countries on Obama’s list, no less, that it hasn’t come through yet. Everyone assumes it will uphold the ban from the lower court, because of the incredible corruption & politicization of the courts. The delay tells me one of two things are happening. Either the two liberal of the three judges are trying desperately to justify upholding the ban through some obscure argument which they know is completely bogus. Or they are delaying the inevitable of denying the ban. The reason is, they can’t help but recognize the law is clear and constitutional. And the order is completely within the law. Why the first judge made such a ruling is completely and transparently political. He should be ashamed of himself. These judges have to make a decision. Either to adhere to adjudicating according to the law and their oath as judges, or go political and send the case to the Supreme Court. We’ll see.

As for the Cabinet appointments. It’s clear that we wouldn’t be having this legal problem if Jeff Sessions was already confirmed as Attorney General. Heck, he would have argued the case and put these judges in their places. But the obstructionism of the Dems is epic. It will prove all for naught, but they surge ahead anyway, ready to be mowed down by the inevitable barrage of votes. Masochists. Or just plain stupid.

Based on the level of opposition to her by the teachers’ unions, I bet Betsy Devos, as Education Secretary will be phenomenal! I think she’ll root out the corruption in our educational system & give it back to those who should be in charge, especially of young students, parents in their own hometowns. I found teachers, especially younger ones have been brainwashed into believing that, since she wasn’t a “teacher” she wouldn’t understand education! Baloney. They’re afraid she’ll strip funding for important programs, including those for special needs students. The fact is, I think parents are being shut out at some levels of the programs as they become more and more cookie-cutter to fit into the federal standards in order to qualify for funding. All the schools are geared to test scores, attendance, etc. etc. to qualify for the desperately needed federal funds. Local communities can’t support their own schools anymore. And they don’t even try to any degree to solicit funding through taxation or otherwise, because the rules are all tied to the teat in D.C.

Truth is, in fact, so much of education is hog-tied to federal funding & federal regulations & federal standards, that freeing it up will allow for even better programs to be developed by the teachers out there in the real world who actually do the teaching! The Dept of Education has been run by a lot of “teachers” who couldn’t make it teaching in the first place! With good business sense, actually more funding will be available because it won’t be going to massive numbers of useless federal employees and the corrupt unions! Go Betsy! (And those “teachers”? They can go get real jobs – in the trenches they created!)

So much for my first Back to the Blog.


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