Anti-Trump = Death of Republican Party?

What are the “Anti-Trumps” doing? They are actively working against Trump? I can see quietly not supporting him in order to pander to your Congressional or Senatorial seat – makes you a coward and a louse – but hey, you might get re-elected. But once you do, without Trump? You will be a worthless cast-off of a liberal socialist regime in a country overrun with drugs, illegals – oh wait another minute – “undocumented immigrants” – jobless, impoverished, anarchist citizens, with agencies armed to the teeth against your impotent hunting rifles.

We’re talking a country rife with political correctness which will hurtle us towards a horrific police state – Can you say Farenheit 451? Brave New World? 1984? Animal Farm? Lord of the Flies? Those are banned books for our young, even now. They read whatever social media and the socialist politically correct media feeds them.

We’ll see more & more countries collapse to theocratic Muslim rule. The Middle East is buckling under ISIS terrorism. Turkey is gone. Which is of course, so dangerous, as our military base is in the center of the country & vital to controling that entire region of the world!

Israel will fall without Allied support. Which will disappear under Clinton, as European nations collapse to Muslim terrorism. Already, London has a Muslim Mayor. Seems innocuous enough? No – he’s already campaigned against Trump, providing US Muslims validation to vote against him of course. This kind of influence is diseased and virulent. Why do these Anti’s not understand the consequences of a Clintons presidency (I do mean Clintons – we get a two-fer here and not in a good way!).

It’s inconceivable that the Republican Party has collapsed so far so as to have overt & blatant deserters turning to Clinton and unadulterated liberalism. What’s in it for these Anti-Trumps? How dare people like Bush & Kasich & even Cruz & Fiorina not support Trump completely. They quickly signed the pledges. America got it right, you know. Many saw through their lying facades. Trump took time before he signed. It looked like he wouldn’t, and maybe it was nothing more than attention-getting, but I think he actually took the time to make the personal commitment. He wasn’t going to sign anything he couldn’t stand by. Did he take a chance? Of course, but way more of a chance in those early months than most of the other candidates actually. So much for character.

And so much for the character of the Anti-Trumps. They have none. They have turned their backs on their party. Is there anything more low & despicable? To actively work against their own candidate?! And the worst part about it? The liberal media is feasting, no binge eating, to the point of regurgitation! They are sick with self-gloating as they promote these creeps. And do their very best to try to use them to undermine Trump.

And the end-game? Those Anti-Trumps will have no political future – at all. The Dems will only use them to their own self-destruction with their constituents, if Hillary wins. The Republicans? I hope they punish them and blackmail them into compliance – or expulsion. Anti-Trumps are the epitome of stupidity & arrogance. The kind of people no one should or could trust.

One thing about Trump  is true. He is extraordinarily egotistical. But he is not a liar & he is loyal and truth-telling to a fault. You won’t like the way he says it. You won’t even like that he says it at all. But no one has called him a liar. Anti-Trumps are lying, betraying snakes-in-the-grass who can’t be trusted – ever! If they have any judgment left at all- they need to Shut Up. NOW!


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