How Many Lies Does It Take?

How many lies does it take for America to finally decide to stop HiIlary Clinton? Oh yeah, we’re talking about HER lies. As well as hers and the Obama administration’s deceptions and misrepresentations and mis-directions and plain out-and-out bald-faced pathological lies!

Well, I wonder why people continue to believe her? That is the question I just can’t answer. If you’re old enough to remember Bill Clinton’s presidency – or rather his time in the White House, as I never considered him a president – you remember how pathological he was. Actually, I took one look at him on TV in 1992, and just about retched and recognized him as a disgusting and repulsive reprobate. I couldn’t stand his voice or his looks. But mostly, I saw that he was a low-class flimflam man – without one redeemable quality. Then, I proceeded to not listen to him speak for more than 90 seconds for the next 8 years. It was particularly difficult when he was testifying – er, I mean Lying – to the American people about his sexual relations with a very young, impressionable aid, Monica Lewinsky. I felt so sorry for her the entire time, while Hillary proceeded to try to ruin her character,  in favor of her perverted husband. The whole thing was despicable and through their unholy influence, got away with it. He remained president.

But, more importantly, this was when America first became desensitized to this kind of repulsive behavior in a man who was supposed to be the leader of the free world. America accepted this lowering of standards, morals and ethics. They turned a blind eye to him in favor of the slick words and media influence that began to become more and more apparently in favor of these reprehensible people. He was, of course, known as “Slick Willie” – for more than one reason!

This disintegration was offset by George W. Bush and the horrible event, 9/11. This event had been allowed to be created within the totally inept and incompetent term of Bill Clinton &, make no mistake about it, Hillary Clinton. They did serve together. She was one of the original architects of our failing health care insurance system. If she had ever had an ounce of compassion about providing health care for all Americans, it was quickly squashed by her unquenchable thirst for power. She saw a vehicle to propel herself into the political arena and press her power.

Unfortunately for her, she’s a pathological liar and cheater, so the many scandals of her unethical if not illegal business dealings caused her influence to be diverted and she failed in her attempt to fashion a federally controlled health insurance system at that time. Along the way, there is much evidence and impossibly probable coincidences of many deaths around the Clintons and their administration and political cronies. In every instance, there is an improbable event that prevented any gathering of substantial evidence of illegalities. Every new scandal was labeled  a “-gate.”

The one mistake that corrupt, power-mongering people make as they age, is not recognizing the gulf between them and changes in communication and technology. What could be covered up in the past, is now immediately available for the entire world to see. It’s become impossible for Hillary & Bill and even Obama’s corroded administration, to cover up enough, fast enough, to keep control of all the lies and deceptions and money laundering and power-brokering that they are involved in.

For someone who left the White House nearly “broke”, they’ve parlayed their political influence (which is supposed to be freely given as civil service to our country) into amassing a fortune between their “foundation” (talk about cheating and embezzling of funds) and their own income to a reported $100 Million! In just 16 years! How is that possible unless your name is Ponzi? Well, it’s possible for the Clintons!!

Is the truth finally going to prevail? Maybe not. But – maybe it will! Maybe enough people are finally sick enough of the lies, that they will take a chance on something different. Trump may be blunt and crude and blundering – but he sure tells the truth like he sees it. Isn’t that always what people seem to express that they like in their friends or colleagues? Wouldn’t it be refreshing to have that in D.C.?



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