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Trump’s talk tonight – about law and order. But it’s about even more than that.

During the Democrat convention, I saw there was a “caucus” system during the day. But these caucuses didn’t meet according to political issues. The caucuses were divided by Race. Yes. Ethnicity. Age. Sexual Orientation.

These caucuses weren’t about governing issues. They weren’t about Law & Order. National Security. Energy. Delegates? No.

The Democrats only want to tag you and put you into a clique. A self-identifying clique. Does this make a person feel included? Sure with their “own kind”. These meetings weren’t about sharing ideas. Then they would probably include a wide, broad spectrum of people. Dems don’t want that. Then there would be different races, sexual identities, different educational backgrounds, different ages – DIFFERENT people together sharing ideas. Then they’ll figure out what’s really going on.

No the Dems – the liberal – wants to tag you and divide you into groups. All in the name of “recognizing” you and your special issues.

Hell, the only issues they want to recognize is your emotional issues, so they can target them & exploit them. It’s all about getting you to “feel” about the issues – Not to think about them. Each becomes a minority that is more important than the last. Hey – but then they stick you with the Political Correctness card – which prevents you from voicing any opinion other than the group’s. No matter that it’s stupid. Or irrelevant. Or self-destructive. Or murderous. No, the mantra is the group is more important than the individual. Hail O Socialist!

This is why the Democrats poll so well with “women”. They have carefully crafted a message that evokes every feminine emotion available to them. They have served up those emotions in a cocoon of quasi-intellectual, falsely altruistic narratives that create a certain line of questioning, beginning with the ever popular “Do you still beat your wife?” category.

It’s a bit like the Stockholm Syndrome. Or maybe a Jim Jones cult (that’s why conservatives constantly refer to you drinking the Kool Aid). Except it’s a national narrative that’s been foisted upon the minority communities, such as the Blacks, the Hispanics, the Asians – well maybe not the Asian so much. This narrative is what Sheriff     Clark described as making Uncle Sam into your daddy. Instead of looking to your family. Or creating a strong family unit, it’s okay for Uncle Sam to do that for you instead. (another aspect of Socialism.)

The whole nation has identified, to some degree or other, with the Democrat version of reality. That Americans can’t rise out of poverty anymore. That small businesses can’t succeed. That education is only for the privileged white kid. These narratives are but a few of those that have worked to foment the race war that is fueling the riots in our depressed and impoverished inner cities. That have spawned the BM movement. Oh, I guess that is BLM. But BM is more accurate.

Americans need to break free from this corrupt and broken system. This narrative that has us all depressed and enslaved to Political Correctness and forced divisions based on minority  issues – and I mean by that issues of race, religion, sexual orientation, ethnicities, nationalities, etc. etc. We should be united by purpose & fair behaviors – not all these “caucuses” dividing us up so we can be tagged and targeted.

The Democrat Party (and I WON’T use the word “democratic” to describe them)is no longer a legitimate American institution. It has evolved into a political aberration that needs to be stopped before it – and it’s horrifically corrupt members – destroys the America that all our forefathers established and migrated to for a better life. A better life than this political serfdom that they’ve created.

Trump is clear and articulate about what this country needs. He’s breaking that “glass ceiling” of political correctness. I hope enough people wake up from their brainwashing and vote for him & other conservatives & turn this country around.



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