Today – and Our Future

Make no mistake. I’m no liberal. I’m not even moderate on any subject any more. I’ve absolutely hated watching what an inept, incompetent, radical, wimpy, closet Muslim who holds nothing but disdain for America and everything our great, divinely established country stands for, do his best to destroy this great country. That includes everything about The Constitution.
This election is not a pop idol contest. This election is about the basic principles and ideals that are this nation. The liberals have diverted our vision, but that won’t change the truth.
Trump wasn’t my first choice. In fact, my other choices have proven that my judgment is flawed. I thought this brash, rude, super-egotistical billionaire wasn’t the best choice. When he delayed signing the pledge to support the Republican candidate, I thought he was being selfish & petulant. When in fact, he was taking time for soul-searching and self-reflection before he placed his signature on that pledge. He had to decide whether he could live up to his word. The other candidates rushed to sign the pledges – and just look at those who have not supported him!! Their word is absolutely no good & I wouldn’t stand behind any of them.
Those are the selfish & petulant. Reasonable, ordinary, hard-working Americans saw through them & followed a man who acted like a man. Said what he thought – and actually reflected exactly what we were all thinking. He unleashed the truths that we have kept swallowed down because of the new cult religion – “Political Correctness”. Those who are followers of this have stifled their own thinking processes – actual 1984  humans in the flesh.
Suddenly we started thinking for ourselves. Suddenly the absurdity, the insanity of the liberal narrative that Obama – that Pied Piping Emperor With No Clothes – had been serving up to America for the last 7 years became clear. Suddenly, like Neo in the Matrix, we saw the truth – the electronic matrix fell away & we saw the podded humanoids we’ve become.
Well I see even beyond Trump. I see the most corrupt, crooked criminals lurking in our government ever! I see a judicial system that cannot even dispense the most basic moral justice due to the overburdened laws that serve to create even more of the sub-class that has become our poorest population.
Obama has created and is now enjoying the fruits of his labors of racial divide. The streets are erupting in riots which further impress and convince that underclass of the liberal lies that they are these poor ignorants’ saviors. Pouring more money into their blighted cities – & like a Somalian leader charged with dispensing US food to the starving populace – none of it will reach those in need. Now, they’ll wait to be bussed to polls and without ID, create signatures across towns & states, stuffing the ballot boxes. It happened in 2008. It happened in 2012. You can follow the pattern in Ohio & Pennsylvania. And if it hadn’t been for the hanging chads in Florida in 2000, we would have had Al Gore (excuse me I just threw up a little in my mouth). What a worthless excuse for a man he would have been in light of 9/11.
Obama’s racism & self-hate of his own African lineage & his own father’s desertion of his son, has colored his vision and it’s been evident throughout his term. He has very deep-seated issues, not the least of which is his early childhood indoctrination in Islam. He is religiously conflicted & has not been able to guide this country based on the Judeo-Christian principles upon which it was founded. Obama self-identifies as a black man, but he is not a black American. He is a man who is half Caucasian & half Kenyan. That’s a far cry from being a black American, one whose ancestors truly did suffer the history of slavery. His people did not have that experience.
But, he identified with Michelle who hates the Black American Experience and embraces the most radical tenets & leaders of socialism. He adopted that prejudice and carried it hidden inside him – into the White House. He began by identifying with Trayvon Martin. And he went downhill from there. Inserting his race-baiting and Chnstian-bashing whenever convenient.
The reason I ramble about Obama at this point, is that it helps explain why we have a race-war and anarchist rebellion against law & order on our hands. He did nothing to promote unity & harmony between races. He baited whenever the opportunity presented itself. And now he has the gall to talk about Trump as unfit. He is evil personified.
No one may even read this. (Well a few NSA people may.) But, I am going to write every single day until the election. I will lay out my version of what’s happening. Someone has to. The media is so busy campaigning for Clinton, it make me sick. Journalism is no longer a respected profession. It is a yellow excuse for itself. I am going to write about the false narratives and what is frustrating me beyond measure.
We need to vote for Trump & every other Republican locally & statewide that we can. We will eventually weed out the RINOS and corrupt, two-faced politicians and replace them with citizen-politicians. If we don’t and if Clinton is elected, we won’t have to worry about what I’m writing. There’ll be no country to read any of it. America will implode. While Soros & the Clintons & his pedophile island -owning friend will proceed to laugh and eat cake, while America burns.






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