The Question On Everyone’s Mind – What The Hell is Wrong With Obama?

Famous Last Words

What the hell is wrong with Obama?? To say this country as we knew it to be seven years ago has disintegrated inside of these past three years is an understatement.  I have been angry. I have been frustrated. I have even been despondent.

Through the last three years we have witnessed the most heinous usurpation of American world leadership ever in our history.

I wept when Carter was elected in ‘76 and I was just a young woman then, but I knew he was an incompetent fool who would cause a great many problems. Of course we were dealing with Iran, oil, Muslim extremists, the same old story. But – I never doubted, or even questioned that Carter was an honorable man. I thought he was naïve. But never corrupt.

Today Kerry sealed the nuclear proliferation deal with Iran. I say proliferation. It is not about non-proliferation.  Reviewing the details of the deal is an exercise in futility. No respectable state in the world would make such a deal – providing immeasurable wealth (I heard the equivalent of 7 trillion dollars to the US) to a country, a theocracy, a government that vows to destroy all non-Muslims, especially Americans & Israelis. They pronounce this daily. Their religious rulers state it unequivocally daily.  And allow them to proliferate nuclear material until they have the bomb – basically unchecked. Oh yeah, and give them missiles to carry them. Why not?

Their culture, indeed their religion, even in its mildest form, encourages deception and outright lying to infidels.  As far as that goes, there is a cultural delight in deceiving each other.  In other words, the more outrageous the fish story, the prouder and more respected the storyteller. Don’t believe me – study the religion and the cultural psychology for yourself.

Given that, there is no way to believe that the Iranians will ever adhere to this “agreement”. Their past performance predicts – no proves – future results. Period.

So, we give them money. Arms (missiles). Nuclear capabilities. It’s like giving the car keys and a club to a drunk wife-beater! What should we expect?? They’ll be in church tomorrow morning?

There are so many things to ponder about the nuclear capabilities of other terrorist dictatorships, namely North Korea, Pakistan, etc., etc. The point is – here we have given carte blanche to the leading supporter of terrorism in the world.  Why – Why – Why does Obama want this deal? We can understand Kerry’s role. He is a short-sighted traitor, again proven by his own actions of the past.

But, Obama – why? Somehow he thinks that if America changes its role in the world, the world will be “transformed” and peace will reign forever more in a global socialist state.  This story is as old as the world itself. Of modern times, can you say Russian revolution, Lenin, Stalin… collapse of the Soviet Union and maybe China, Tao …. Chinese economic collapse. And now Muslims – radical extremists and other Muslims complicit in their deafening supportive silence.

Obama couldn’t tell the truth about anything if it was actually clearly written out in his teleprompter. His narcissism is legendary and he protects himself from legal action by surrounding himself with condescending minions, who are stupid and greedy and mean – basically sociopaths. Congress has been strangled by the corruption and intimidation of these creeps – and of themselves. Who knows what levels of blackmail and threats of violence have been perpetrated on or by our elected officials. There’s no other answer.

But, they better get it together. They better realize this is the absolute end of Obama’s reign of terror. They need to pass their bill tomorrow – to stop this agreement and they better be ready to override Obama’s veto just as fast.

While Congress continues to operate business as usual (that’s another story), Obama has operated outside the law, pushing every envelope with his nearly criminal, overreaching executive orders. While the present Congress and Senate have tried to operate according to the Constitution, Obama couldn’t even quote one word of it – if his life depended on it. Congress better now operate to the full extent of the law and do what Obama won’t and can’t do – save America – and the world.

The only thing left to do – is pray! And write or contact our Representatives or Senators and insist that they stop this.


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