The Real Shuck & Jive

I’ve been worried about what will happen after Jan. 21st. We’ve been helplessly watching what is going on.  Obama can’t lead Congress (let alone anybody who doesn’t worship him) into any cooperation, so he keeps turning to Executive Orders to run the country. However, he keeps pushing them to the edge.  An executive order is supposed to apply only to the Executive Branch of our government.  But, Obama is using it as if he were KING and writing out royal decrees, making law by circumventing Congress. Some are beginning to call him on it. But, tomorrow he is supposed to be signing 19 Executive Orders. What in the world would require that number of orders to be signed into law at once, 16 days into the new year?

Since he cannot get the laws he wants passed through the House, and even the Senate, the  Legislative Branch of government – designated by the Constitution, by the way, he is using Executive Orders to run the country. With each order he signs, he continues to be emboldened and will at some point begin to feel empowered to push the boundaries, until we have relinquished the power of the people to a corrupted man. This is the last thing the founding fathers of our country would have imagined could happen under the very Constitution they wrote to protect the common man in America. Once he is sworn into office again next week, what will stop him? Short of impeachment?

The left continues to divert attention from his unconstitutional actions by using the race card and pinning it on the Republican Party.  Even Colin Powell is being used with him turning on the party, calling it racist for using the term “shuck & jive”.  Unfortunately, too many Americans believe Obama.  He is a deceitful manipulator, the best there is and guess what – he’s as white as he is black. And if that’s racist, so be it.

It’s about behavior not color. Obama & the left keep endorsing low-class and corrupt behavior & then blaming anyone who tries to call it for what it is – that they are racist – because Obama identifies himself as black.  The terms “shuck & jive” describe any person who uses bait & switch & everything from white to bold-faced lies. And Obama has done & does it all.  Republicans are not any more or less racist than anyone else – they are simply demanding high standards of behavior (even if some of their own don’t).  Why are we allowing these people to bully America into turning a blind eye to what’s really going on? Call it what it is – shuckin’ & jivin’ – all Americans.


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