The Extortion of America Begins

My first reaction to the election was, many people would suffer “death” from the fallout of Obama being elected. Now when I say that word, I include the death of a career, a reputation, morals, ethics, and the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

One of the first to “go”? – General Petraeus. Sorry he had an affair,  or whatever it was – Of course Clinton engaged in perverted sexual liaisons in the Oval Office and lied about it to the American people. Now he’s lauded as one of the most important people who supported Obama and solicited winning votes for him from his own adoring public. But – it’s important to cover up Libya and Benghazi-gate. It’s important that everyone toe the line with Obama and his agenda to fool us about what is really happening in the Middle East. So naturally, some sort of coercion resulted in Petraeus’ resignation.

Harry Reid, re-elected, threatened what action he would take in the House of Representatives, if they didn’t start cooperating with Obama’s agenda.  I have to re-examine the rules, but that kind of threat should be sanctioned. And would be if any conservative expressed it.

Today, the top executive of the BBC was forced to resign. Now, I just find it coincidental that someone free of any serious controversy in his career, suddenly resigns over the airing of a child-abuse report on some high-ranking political figure. Wouldn’t it be better to err on the side of the report, rather than fold under the pressure from government? Just seems the timing is peculiar. It’s important to look at who benefits from these removals of these people who appear to be somewhat “good”.

And today, some young woman was fired for using the racist slur of the “n” word and ponder on the assassination (Yes, I’m writing the word!) of Obama. I’ve seen that in print many, many times during these past months and years on public web pages. Why now? Why is this important now??

The fact that conservatives – Republicans – are being called a bunch of white racists is again peculiar in the wake of the election. This election was purely r-a-c-i-a-l. The facts speak for themselves. The liberal press was extremely ready to report that over 90% of the “African American” vote went to Obama. That some 80% of Hispanics voted for Obama. That a majority of young single women voted for Obama. So.  If that isn’t racist, I don’t know what is.  People of color voted overwhelmingly for Obama. This demographic must be protected and must not be allowed to hear from others within that demographic that may have opposing thoughts, ideas, principles, opinions, etc., etc., etc.  This is what racism is. And now – it’s ok for people of color to be racist.

If you think that rap, hip-hop, the whole black music scene and the rhetoric that comes out of the African American culture is not wholly and completely prejudiced and racist – beyond the pale – literally against the white race, the white businessman, white music, middle American & conservative values has not ever listened to anything on the radio.

Why is it okay for black people to use as every second word, the “n” word and every vulgar word imaginable, display these same images and behaviors in demeaning everything in life including women, ethnicity, sexuality, cultures, and language and the like – in the name of free speech – but one, young, white, woman says something publicly on facebook and suddenly it’s a crime??

This is how it is beginning. The coercion. The extortion. The blackmail.  The blatant suppression of free speech. BUT, only for those who are in opposition of Obama and his agenda.

This is obvious to all free-thinking Americans. I know no one is reading my posts. Except the Government. And I could get their attention. But only if others within their “demographic following” breaks free and starts thinking for themselves.

It was pointed out that Bill Maher can threaten voters that “blacks” know where they live – call it a “joke” and get away with it. Why? Because he is obsessed with Obama. So that makes it okay. We heard Biden say we would become slaves if Romney was elected. But, that’s Biden. So that is okay. Of course it is.

Can we fight this? I don’t know. When there are forces who will threaten, coerce, blackmail and extort to keep the rest of us quiet against Obama, it will become more and more difficult to resist the forces of the liberal press and more.  This is the history of all despots and tyrants and Hitlers in history.  This is how it begins. The ruler garners the complete obsessive adoration of the minorities of the culture and then proceeds to use them against successful, conservative, religious, and free-thinking individuals.  Eventually, the culture collapses and by the time the lower-educated masses discover how they’ve been duped, the damage is done.  The country is ruined. The control is complete.

Obama is beginning his reign of terror over us. It will be complete if the forces that oppose him are not strong and united.  U.S. Representatives and U.S. Senators must never use the word “compromise” in the next four years. They will be forced to support legislation and policies that are contrary to good fiscal and freedom loving principles. They must express that they are doing so in spite of their preferences and are being forced, coerced, and extorted to preserve the United States of America.  They must do everything they can to educate their constituency as to the forces that are driving their choices in order to preserve our economy and our rights – as far as they are able to do so.

Obama has expressed himself enough times to let us know that he has no intention of  “working” with anyone who does not agree with him and his agenda.  There is no reason to ever propose a budget (as the 2009 budget is frozen and favors his fiscal agenda). There is no reason to propose any modification of Obamacare.  He will push it thoroughly through – no matter what toll it takes on our society. This is a clear effort to undermine the medical doctor as we know it in society. This will force the “doctor” to be further beholden to the insurance companies and moreover the government. This leaves the doctor to become a bourgeois member of society without any distinction for their years of study and development, but placing them on par with a garbage collector.  This is Marxism. This is socialism. This is communist theory.

What better way to begin the disintegration of society than to take away the prestige of its leading professionals. Obama has attacked the banking system. He has made pariahs of finance professionals through the anti-Wall Street movement (mostly supported by homeless and fringe elements residing in cities and towns). He has perpetuated a serf and apprentice automobile industry through the stimulus program. He has empowered the force of unions versus and in spite of productive employment. He has finally, and most blatantly attacked the very core of our society – freedom of religion.  By forcing the birth control issue with the Catholic Church, the surreptitious support of homosexual marriage, which is contrary to all major religious beliefs, and his obvious support of radical religious figures, almost exclusively “African American.”

The extortion of America has begun. There have been many victims already this week.  Some are obviously high-profile like the general. But, some are just innocent white girls who think they can talk like their black counterparts who express themselves in the same manner – without any redress – at all.

We must fight back. This “president” does not represent me. He does not represent my values. He does not represent anything or my friends and family stand for.  He does not represent my religious beliefs.  He does not represent my cultural values or beliefs. I am white.  He is black. That is racial. Period. And he will never change anything I know or believe. I will survive these next four years. I only hope that America can survive.


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