LibyaGate – The Worst “Gate” Ever

The first thing I said when I heard the news was, Where were the Marines? As this unfolds, it disgusts me that Obama left an American ambassador without protection in a hostile country on 9/11. In my mind there is only one person to blame for these deaths and as Obama admitted during the second debate, in his own voice, the buck stops with him.

Libya was Obama’s shining example of how his bow-to-the-Arabs was a success. In my opinion, someone didn’t want to take any action that would cause him to admit that his stupid, irresponsible foreign policy is a disastrous, fatal failure. My heart goes out to the families of the victims of this horrible incompetence.

Today I saw on the internet, people remarking that the recently revealed emails were phony. People aren’t believing what was testified to in congressional hearings. They aren’t being told anything by the mainstream – lamestream – media about this.  The facts are unmistakable. Four Americans are dead. Even the State Department and people on the street in Libya agree that this had nothing to do with the “video”. We know that A) Obama & Clinton & others watched the raid on Bin Laden real-time and B) that it follows logically – these people knew what was happening – even watching parts of it – real-time.

Anyone who has anything invested in this scandal has said, with reservation, that a complete investigation is necessary to see who knew what and when. But no one is saying that Obama is clear of responsibility here. No one is saying that Clinton is clear here. And everyone says that the UN Ambassador Rice clearly delivered a message that was created and approved of by the White House. What does that tell you?

The answer is becoming more and more obvious. The White House – Obama – clearly tried to cover up and/or ignore this horrid event, hoping it would go away until at least after the election.  And, what is sooo unnerving, is that the media is totally and completely complicit in this affair. I don’t understand how this kind of corruption is acceptable, and how so many people are accepting of the cover-up.  Is there absolutely no ethics or morals left in the country? Has the liberal/progressive movement so corrupted the minds of Americans – so as to be likened to the complacent and blind German followers of Hitler?

So many questions. I don’t want to believe the obvious answers. I hope there are many others out there with backbones to stand up to this unprecedented level of corruption in this country. We can discuss history and other horrible chapters in our history, but there always seemed to be some redeeming forces to counteract evil forces. Right now, it seems to be overwhelming in favor of this hysterical cult-like following of Obama and his minions.

Well, just a few days from now the future of America as we know it will be decided. It makes one want to doubt democracy. Has it been so corrupted to be unusable? I’m not the only one who wonders what they will do if Obama gets elected. We will not be able to live the same way and there will be a horrible fight in store to regain control of our beloved country. And, based on Obama’s past performance, he may go to extremes to use “executive privilege” and other means to extort control from the democratic process. It’s frightening. But, I’m saying my prayers and hoping for the best. I hope others are praying, too. Because we need it.


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