“I Fear Thou Doth Protest Too Much…”

Have you ever noticed when someone is caught in a blatant lie, they will protest loudly with an attitude of “how dare you question my integrity?”

That was Obama tonight. Everyone in the press believes Obama won this debate. The truth? He did – in a way. He spoke more eloquently. (He danced like a bee, bouncing from point to point to lie to point.) But, every line he gave was a twist on Romney’s agenda or a personal dig on Romney and lie after lie after lie about Romney’s positions, the facts, really everything. But, Romney was on point and talked not to the debate, but to the voters watching at home. With the football, winner-take-all mentality of Americans, the press wants to reclaim their anointed one with the win.

However, something very interesting happened. Romney may have appeared to lose the battle, but he laid excellent groundwork to win the war. Many people did see the exacting points of Romney’s plan. Many people did see how elegant he actually behaved. And he deferred to Obama when Obama began to react violently his accusation of Obama either being a liar or covering-up the events surrounding the Libyan ambassador’s death.

Next week, the questions will be about foreign policy. Everyone in America knows, even if they are trying to stay in denial about their cult leader Obama, that he has either covered up, blamed Hilary, or was just so plain incompetent as to be run out of office, let alone voted out over the Libyan affair. I actually respected Romney for deferring to Obama when he became so agitated as to start losing his temper over the accusations against him.

Romney knows that he laid the groundwork for the next weeks up to the election.  He can batter Obama on points of character and leadership, putting him on the defensive. Romney continued to reiterate his common-sense plan to help America recover from the debacle of Obama’s last four years.  He did a great job of laying out the failures Obama’s last four years.

Obama may have garnered the attention of his base and the lame-stream media, but it’s not playing well with the undecided voters. His lack of substance, which the undecided voter is craving, is becoming more and more apparent to them. Romney planted seeds of doubt that will grow over the next week, as Republican politicians across the country play out the Libyan scandal for all  its worth. And even the media, as the tide turns again, will jump on it. Because more than adoring Obama or saving their jobs, yellow journalists love a scandal even more. They will jump on it like white on rice.

I think Obama showed up tonight, but he was barring his weasel-like personality, which will embed itself into America’s psyche into the next weeks. The fact that Obama protested his innocence so vehemently tells me right away that he is lyin’ through his weasel teeth. That old Shakespeare line about protesting too much – demonstrates the real truth. Romney didn’t have to argue any further. Obama had been given just enough rope. His words are set in stone and now – he has to defend them right up to election day. And, maybe beyond, as this scandal continues to unfold – And Romney, as President, continues the questioning.


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