Going Green is FILTHY!

On October 1st a “GREEN” law went into effect in my county. Stores will be fined if they give out plastic bags. We’re being charged 10 cents per paper  bag.  This is the result of three fanatic MEN on our board of supervisors who passed this absolutely idiotic, stupid, short-sided freedom-grabbing law.

I’m so against this plastic bag ban. Quite a while ago I learned a good lesson. My beautiful Persian cat with his sensitive system had diarrhea on a black recyclable bag of mine. If I hadn’t seen it… I would have swooped it across the store counter – right where you put your food. This is a filthy decision. I won’t even use those bags for food that I have in the back of my car. I throw all kinds of stuff on top of them. Just imagine … the bag on the counter in front of you.  Who knows what kids do on them. Dog’s butts. Soccer cleats. People’s butts. Dirty sweatshirts. Used kleenex. Dirty diapers. Costco boxes. Orange & banana peels. Fast food droppings.  I dread going to the store anymore. It makes me sick just thinking about it…

On top of everything, the “reusable” bags are NOT recyclable due to the kind of plastic they’re made of and the dyes in them. Only a few recycling plants can even recycle some of them at all in the whole country.  The crinkly kind? They’re only photodegradable. Which means if you lay them out in a field in the sun, they will disintegrate eventually. Now, how long can you reuse them? Say you go to the store twice a week and use four of them at a time.  They can’t be washed. You can wipe them just so much. And they get ruined.

So now you buy how many more? And then you throw them out at the rate of about twenty a year. Okay, now you’re going to tell me you’re going to use cotton ones and wash them. Yeah. Right. How often? And what do you wash them with? Ugh. Really…

And of course, friends are complaining already. They have to go out to buy small trash can liners. They have to buy dog poopie bags. They have to buy more plastic bags for many things that the shopping bags would be recycled for. What are people going to do? Line their trashcans with cotton bags? This is complete insanity.

The reality – the amount of plastic that is saved is negligible. The increase of risk for disease and illness is exponential. I’m just waiting for someone to say they got e-coli and wonder where it came from. It will have come from their grocery cart or counter or one of their own “RECYCLABLE” bags.

GOING GREEN has pushed Americans over the edge to insanity, just as if it were mold, mildew, and pond scum choking out mankind’s common sense. We need to pull back before we give up ourselves to those who would like to manipulate us into giving up our own freedom of all personal choice.  We need to think for ourselves! I already want my plastic bags back!



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