Why did Obama do so Poorly?…

Because he believed his own press. The press has created this urban legend about Mitt Romney.

That he was 1) a liar. Ironically, Obama believed all the lies they told about Romney.

2) That Romney was timid. Obama believed what the press told him – and showed him and the country. Flat, lifeless clips of him. Spun into mean spiteful advertising.

3) That Romney was unintelligent. Obama believed it when the press made fun of Romney. That he was not capable of witty parlay or wonderful lawyer-like orations – like Obama.

4) That Romney actually had a plan.  While Romney was busy giving detailed specifics around the country, the press neglected to report on that. Instead, that “5 Trillion” number was repeated enough times that, like Romney’s five sons who, if they repeated  it enough times everyone would believe it. Again, ironically, Obama believes it, too.

Obama went on that stage last night and really didn’t recognize the man across from him. This is not the man he believed he was going to meet.  Obama’s minnions and press-lackeys had fed the all-powerful and all-knowing king all the lies he wanted to hear – until all of a sudden – Obama ended up facing the real Mitt Romney.

Mitt Romney. A good man. A righteous man. An intelligent man. A principled man. An experienced man. A capable man. A compassionate man.  A patriotic man. A real American man.

Obama was in shock. He has spent the past four years around only those people who “love” him. People who have coddled him. Protected him. Why, he never even crosses town to talk to Congressmen. Because they don’t “love” him and want to please him by telling him whatever he wants to hear.  Obama has only been a community organizer and only ever “worked together” with Pelosi and Reid. Romney showed he was and is and will be a true executive leader.

Yes, Obama didn’t know the Mitt Romney that showed up last night.  Most conservatives did. Most Republicans did. Yet Obama – who has been absent from that chair, had studied his lines, but never expected someone to argue with him about them. He expected Romney to be that quiet, respectful and reserved debater that he was among the many Republican primary candidates. Obama never expected Romney to call him out on the lies and legends. Obama never expected Romney to be the boss he is – a past CEO and past governor.

Obama has campaigned only to the press and to the willing, adoring supporters with whom he has surrounded himself. All of a sudden the “great orator” actually had someone to campaign against and he could NOT handle it. Obama hung his head, because he couldn’t look Romney in the eye.

Ironically, Romney knew Obama before last night. He knows Obama very well. He studied him.  He watched him.  He read what he wrote. He studied everything he’s done. And didn’t do. Romney was very intimately acquainted with his opponent and every possible issue surrounding his last four years and then some.

We know Obama has a rotten record, is incompetent and can’t talk without a teleprompter. We just needed someone to show the country that. Last night Mitt Romney did. Romney looked Obama in the eye and made him back down – through something so simple. Telling him and America the truth.

That’s why Obama did so poorly. And – IT HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH THE ALTITUDE IN DENVER. (Except his own arrogant nose stuck up in the air.)


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