HA! HA! The Empty Chair….

I was so afraid of this debate.  Obama has had all this build up about his debating skills. But several things happened last night. Obama had to take that empty chair!!!

I spent the 90 minutes yelling at Obama. Actually, I watched it with a friend, so I really wasn’t just talking to myself.  But really, without the lamestream media – or a teleprompter with someone else’s speech on it – talking for him, Obama is a very limited speaker. He is limited in his intelligence.  He is limited in his ability to relate to Americans.  He kept talking about Americans as “they”. “WE” are not they. WE are WE.

I LOVE Romney. I loved his real personality coming out.  The media has LIED and LIED about him for these many months. But, the media couldn’t hide the HD-TV truth! This was a real test for Obama. Obama’s record of course, is horrible. And now, he can’t hide. His real agenda is becoming apparent.

I went to sleep last night worried about how the liberal media would be spinning this debate. BUT, this morning even Chris Matthews’ leg was NOT tingling! He was sooo disappointed. Waa – Waa! Now, even the lamestream media are not willing to sell their jobs out to save Obama’s ….! They are actually going to have to admit the truth that is glaring in their faces.  Besides, they are gutless wonders who have no ethics or loyalty.  They are completely ready to jump ship and board the Romney cruise to the White House – if necessary. They are busy now covering all their bases.

Yeah, we always knew Obama was a spineless  weasel. Yes, these are the kinds of things I was yelling at the TV screen last night. But, hey, he showed that he knows absolutely nothing about the economy – we all knew that. But he proved it. I just love it. The tide is beginning to turn. 

Romney doesn’t look at Obama like I have. He actually cares – even about Democrats. Even about Obama. But he cares about America more. I understand this. Now, others are beginning to know this also.  I hope everyone goes out to vote – even in blue states. And vote for Romney and other conservatives in local and congressional elections also. But – most important of all – get out and exercise the wonderful privilege and power of the vote.


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