Shadow Boxing – At An Empty Chair – WHERE IS OBAMA IN THIS RACE??

They made fun of Clint Eastwood talking to the chair at the Republican convention. But since the convention – where has been Candidate Obama?? Absent. Just like being president. Absent.

I see Romney going through the struggle I expected him to have to go through. No one could have predicted this type of struggle though. He thought he was going to be thrown into a filthy & dirty campaign against the president. But – he’s actually campaigning against the yellow-lamestream media. Obama is letting the media fight his battles for him. It’s a strategy – I’ll grant you. But how do you shadow-box a campaign?

Romney’s not only fighting a ghost, he’s fighting a Watergate of the internet-age conspiracies. Ironically, its latest leader is Jimmy Carter’s grandson. The grandson who got a high-five from Jimmy –  who is the man who ran against Gerald Ford on the platform of being against Nixon and all the Watergate scandals. Isn’t that an interesting twist of ethics?

Do we forget how Carter said he would solve the energy crisis by turning down the thermostat in the White House and putting on an old ragged golf sweater?  We forget having to go to the gas pumps on alternate days according to our license plate numbers. And how about gas stations that simply didn’t have gas at all?

And the 1970’s Mid-East crisis? American hostages had been held for a year by the Ayatollah Khomeini when we finally went to the polls and elected Ronald Reagan. He, too, had been a governor, like Romney. He hadn’t had foreign policy experience any more than Romney. Yet, when America went to the polls, they clearly saw that Carter had continued to appease the Iranians and was tired of his continued whining about “diplomacy”. We wanted our citizens back. 

And interestingly enough, Reagan had drawn that proverbial red-line that Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu spoke about on Sunday. And the Iranians? They knew he meant it. They knew darn well that Reagan would definitely send bombs over Iran if they didn’t release the hostages. The day Reagan put his hand on the Bible, the hostages were released. So much for Carter’s diplomacy.

And now, the whole Middle East is laughing themselves sick, while Obama continues his “diplomacy,” and Iran sprints to the goal line to make a nuclear weapon. This accomplishment will tip the scales. The Middle East will become a nuclear power and we will be dealing with – not with stubborn Russians. Not with over-achieving China. But with a clinically diagnosed mentally unstable leader of Iran. A man who has publically called for the death of Westerners, Americans, “all infidels”, and to remove Israel and all Jews from the earth.

From our point of view, this seems ridiculously insane. But, what we need to understand, not only does this man honestly want to do what he said, he has millions of followers in and out of his country who want the same end. They want us dead. This is something I’ve understood for some 40 years. After visiting Israel in 1968. After studying Mid-East politics in college. After watching the world devolve into this unstable mess, being led now by a man who has no concept of real-world “diplomacy.”

He’s proved his worth. How could Obama leave the ambassador in Libya basically unguarded. How could Obama let the ambassador ignore Libya’s government’s warnings about his safety? How could he turn a blind eye to this so-called Arab Spring – which is little more than a coordinated effort to create a united arab world from Tunisia to India. The West should be afraid. Very afraid.

Romney has been right about everything. And now – Obama is not even stepping up to the plate – or the chair. So, my advice to Romney would be – let it rip! The last “scandel-ette” about what you said just revealed what all Conservatives are thinking and saying out here.  Take the bull by the horns. Start talking straight. Straight from the heart. Talk about the truth about Obama. The unvarnished truth that others keep trying to reveal and the lamestream media doesn’t want you to talk about. Let the media tear into you. You can take it. But, do it to force Obama out of the shadows. Letting Obama get away with this is unacceptable!!

Americans can take the criticism. It’s about time that the 47% looked at themselves in the mirror. I know most are good people who have been sold a bill of goods. They believe the media who are actually campaigning for Obama. They have no idea that the most of the media they see and hear are part of that 47% and simple rag writers.

As for the 1%. They are NOT all millionaires. They are all people who earn $350,000 a year and up. There are many, many successful small business people who earn that much. Apparently, these are the 1% that Obama is targeting. No wonder the economy can’t recover. If I were them, I’d be hanging on to whatever I could until this depression passes.

And finally, I’ve talked about the country being depressed. The obesity that Bloomberg is fighting in New York is the direct result of him not paying his fair share of taxes.  He was listed today as the 10th richest man in America. Why isn’t he doing his part to offset the national debt?  He is deflecting through these “progressive” tactics, trying to distract us from Obama and the Middle East and the truth behind what super-rich people like himself want to keep the rest of us in at the very least, mental slavery.

America needs Romney. So badly. We need a man who speaks straight. Understands the real world – not the pie-in-the-sky academic pipe dreams that Obama is selling Americans. The rest of the world would love to see Obama re-elected. They will be able to continue to run rough-shod over America and everything we stand for.  I live in blue state. I am depressed. The rest of America? You better run to the polls early before some election-frauder steals your vote – signing your name to your vote. Please pray. Don’t let this happen to our country. It’s up to you and your vote. It is still private and it’s still yours. Use it. It is your only hope.


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