Today Is Worse – We Need Romney – Quick!

I’ve had it.  I am so disgusted at this gutless incompetent wonder called Obama. Everyone (at least anyone who had any knowledge of the Middle East) knew it was just a matter of time before the muslim brotherhood erupted in coordinated violence from Africa to India and here we go. I have one question? Is Obama really this stupid? Or does he really want America to bow to the new united arab states? He was raised in Indonesia as a muslim and I have to believe – through Obama’s weak and gutless actions – that his cultural sympathies must rest with his muslim brothers. Why have these embassies been left so unprotected?? I blame Hilary & Obama. Everyone knew not to trust the security in these countries – especially on 9/11. This is such an abomination to let this develop and now we will be embroiled in war for decades to come – if we expect to even survive as a nation in this mess. America you better wake up and vote every liberal socialist out across the country in each of your own hometowns, and get Obama OUT. Or else go to Rosetta Stone-dot-com right now and get your very own Learning Arabic Made Easy!

Obama is getting away with what he HASN”T done. You can go to bed and stick your head in the sand. And don’t be surprised on that morning when you wake up to another 9/11! And worse than you can imagine.  Somehow people think that Obama is head of our military, but just because Obama gets asked about military actions, doesn’t mean he understands anything. We have to stop being so ignorant about this totally inept man. I’m sure Obama went to bed tonight too. He either is incredibly dumb or really is supporting all this. After reading blogs and comments, I see there are demented obama-idolizer kool-aid drinkers out there that need to wake up!Anyone who knows anything about the political dynamics of the Middle East knows that all the moderate and controlled leaders had to be gotten rid of to put into action what is happening right now.

The problem – much to the chagrin of liberals – is NOT conservatives. Even liberal thinkers decry violence and murder. (This can’t be what liberals want.)   The problem is blind faith in Obama – who just cost at least four more American lives. My question who argues that conservatives are the problem, I have to ask – are you willing to put yourself over there? Are you joining the Army tomorrow? Are you willing to travel there and volunteer your time among these “peaceful loving” people? Otherwise they better reconsider their position.

The argument seems to be that just because Mitt Romney states the obvious, he is attacking Obama? LOL. You have to be blind and stupid not to see how Obama has failed, is failing and will continue to fail.  I’m sick of how dangerous his incompetence has made this country. And all these other countries.  Don’ t their people deserve better than this kind of out-of-control violence?? Why did anyone in our government let any statesman like an ambassador go into a hostile country without demanding, insisting and providing adequate security for them – i.e. arned-to-the teeth Marines – not just security guards. Talking is soooo diplomatic, but it will not protect any human.  These muslim extremists want only to hurt, kill or maim Americans. We need to wake up and stop trying to deal with these people in any civilized way. This is what will happen.  I am so sorry for the families that have suffered from these failed actions.

Romney stood up to Obama and his ignorance and failure to prevent this newest crisis.  The only backfire on Romney’s comments have been from yellow-journalists who are really just liberal/socialist campaigners.  So long as you believe what you hear and read in the liberal media you will believe that Romney is somehow not on point. The truth? People are dead. Violent protests are breaking out across the Middle East. Lives are at stake. Governments are at stake. And Obama is responsible. Period.

I’m so surprised by the naive views I see posted. That people believe this is just a few thugs doing all this in the Middle East. Ask the Syrians that. All the thousands who have lost their lives. Ask all the women who wear burqas. Ask all the people who must, without any freedom of speech follow these thugs who take over governments and tyrannize their people. And if you don’t believe they want you, as Americans (and Jews), gone off this earth – d e a d – then you are hopelessly naive. And if you think that what is going on this week in the Middle East was not preventable, please, get a one-way ticket there. Take your chances why don’t you, walking their streets in your American clothing. Wise up. I’m grateful there’s someone like Romney who is able to give his comments and insights in contrast to Obama. It will take a real leader like Romney to get us out of this.


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