This Is Just The Beginning

I woke this morning to Hilary Clinton’s grating voice offering her condolences on the death of the Libyan ambassador. As the story unfolded, I watched a few stations to get the gist of the news. After her limp synopsis, I turned to the cable channels to find Gov. Romney making a statement, clearing blasting Obama’s take on the events and doing everything but blaming him personally for them.

My first question was, “Where were the Marines?” Aren’t ambassadors supposed to be fully protected in embassies? Especially in hostile lands? My second question was, “What next?” It was clear that this supposed “movie” that has incensed the Middle East, is just a lame excuse for the eruption of violence across the region.

First of all, if Muslims are going to get upset every time someone trashes their religion, they had better get over it – soon. I remember a couple of decades ago when the writer Rushdi (sp?) had to go into hiding because there was a call for his assassination by fellow Muslims. That was a published book. Now, with the internet, how do these people ever think that they can control the world’s media expressions.  Oh, yeah, Sharia law. If they send us all back to the dark ages. Burqha the women. Burn the books and the smartphones. Tear down the cell towers and shoot down the communications satellites.

No. They don’t expect to do that. But, who are they? Power-hungry, lawless sociopaths. They exist in every society. But it seems in the Muslim world, they are able to empower themselves using the name of religion, ending up literally killing the opposition through massacres and terrorism.

If you stop to look at what has happened over the past year from Northern Africa. on through to Pakistan, the political unrest is pervasive and unceasing. Somehow, Obama wants us to believe that through these “courageous” ambassadors, we are somehow supporting these “budding” governments (all the while turning a blind eye to the bloodshed and ongoing massacres). It is obvious that these “budding” governments are running a-muck and are not willing in any way, shape or form to step up to protect any American interests. 

Where was the Libyan government? Where was the Egyptian government? They were sleeping. Next, how could we have embassies that are so vulnerable and under-protected? I thought we always had superior security for embassies, especially when an ambassador is present. Obama and the State Department/Clinton have a lot to answer for.  They are directly responsible for this occurring – especially on September 11th. Why weren’t proper precautions taken? Not only by our own government, but the governments of those countries where we have embassies.  In theory, if we had a REAL United Nations, it would decry these events and demand that all embassies, in every country deserve the protection of the sovereign governments.  LOL! Of course, I must be delirious.

I am so sorry for these families who have suffered such a great loss. And, I’m especially angry that this could have been and should have been avoided. If, we are going to send ambassadors to these lawless countries, they deserve much better protection. A pretense of trust of these people have never led to any success, ever in the history of those countries, let alone ours. I believe Mitt Romney understands the psyche of these people. And though, many don’t wish us harm – heck they’ve never even seen a map, let alone know where we exist on one – they would if they were told to. 

Americans need to grow up. We need to start seeing the truth of this unfolding situation, which Obama has no handle on. He is naive at best, and undermining of America at the worst. Under any scenario, he is an incompetent leader and needs to go.  I knew this before he was elected. I knew that this Arab spring crap was just that. An excuse for violent religious fanatics to fight both civil and international wars if necessary, to promote their extreme agendas. Everyone seems to have known that except Obama and his ignorant crew in the White House. 

I’m sorry he’s done so badly. But, I just want him gone. This country is in real danger, every day he remains in office. We will either need to learn Chinese or Arabic. If you think English is difficult, trust me, these languages are nightmares to learn.  Not to mention, living Sharia law or communism. Take your pick. Because four more years with Obama means our nation will fall to either or both of these sides.


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