Now I Get IT.

I have done my patriotic duty. For all the years Clinton was president, I buried my head in the sand and was proudly able to declare I never listened to the slimey weasel for more than 90 seconds. I missed 8 States of the Union addresses. I missed two inaugural speeches. I even missed most of his denial of his affair with Monica Lewinsky.  I was so proud of myself.

But, we are at so serious of a crossroad in this country, I broke my vow of purity and listened to more than 20 minutes of him tonight. That man never fooled me. From  the time he hit the primary circuit, I recognized him for the low-life that he proved himself to be. Coupled with Michelle Obama last night, I became really sickened at what I am seeing. Not as much from them as speakers, as much as their audience.

The audience was not just mesmerized by them as they spoke, they had looks of complete and unbridled adoration in their eyes. They gazed upon Clinton and Michelle as if they were Greek gods. So much is made of the term cult and those who follow cult leaders and this is what I’m seeing. This was not simple admiration and respect in their eyes. This is starry-eyed love. The kind you see in the eyes of teenagers gazing upon their favorite teen rock star.  The level of desire in their body language was palpable.

All of this is not only sickening, but it is down-right dangerous. But, as a woman of faith, I would never be looking at a politician, no matter how charismatic or promising, in that manner. Why? The million-dollar question. Because I do not look at other humans as my savior. But, clearly, these people not only looked at Barry Obama that way last election, but they are putting not only him, but the other speakers on the same pedestals during this convention. I am flabbergasted at the blatant cultish display.

But then it hits me. I get it. These are people who took the word “God” out of their platform and the recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Then, they boo-ed and drowned out the vote today to reinstate the words. These are people who really don’t have the level of faith that I guess I have in my life. They have to project their hopes and dreams on something or someone, because they feel so disenfranchised in their ordinary lives, that this is their chance to find some happiness. This is a basic psychological profile that is often displayed, but when you put them all in a stadium, you get a James and Tammy Faye Baker effect.

Now, I’m not saying Barry and Michelle are Jim and Tammy Faye, but really, should Americans be looking at presidents in this manner?? This is how we got Clinton and now Obama. Once you recognize the syndrome, you should be able to make better choices. Well, in theory.

Now, I know I didn’t listen to everything Clinton said, but what I heard was a masterful misrepresentation of facts and fantasy. (I usually read his speeches in the past.) He made himself and Obama look like knights in shining armor, ready to save all the damsels in America in distress (if men are damsels, too).  I’m aware of why Clinton won 2 terms. And I’m so afraid that Obama will do the same. The both of them are great speakers. But, never do they every speak of everyday solutions. They pontificate and idealize everything, luring people to follow them like the Pied Piper. But, didn’t all great dictators and despots of the world do that? People looked at Hitler and Mao just the same way.

I’ve watched the documentary, “Obama 2016”. (Actually our small-town movie theater dared to show the film for a week and received threatening letters of how they should not show the film and not get involved in politics. Does this sound like people who want to be in it “together”? Only if you think like them.) I’m beginning to understand the motivation behind Obama’s politics. He does NOT see America the same way ther rest of us do. People are following him, hearing through their own clouded misunderstanding, not knowing at all what is behind the smoke and mirrors. We are on a precipice, looking into a great chasm that will destroy America. If ever there was a need to hold fast to ideology, it is now the time to cling to America’s Declaration of Independence, Constitution, Bill  of Rights and other tenets of our founding fathers. In no way should we be sauntering down roads behind flattering demigogues like Obama and Clinton. Clinton – although he is a fantastic speaker, he is a neophite when it comes to Obama – doesn’t even imagine what is in Obama’s mind and heart. Obama’s agenda isn’t anything like what Clinton thinks it is. Even Hilary Clinton isn’t buying Obama’s agenda. I think she is just biding time, hoping that things are so trashed that she can’t become president herself. (Hate to tell her, if Obama has 4 more years – it will be.)

Mitt Romney doesn’t have some hidden agenda. He doesn’t have any squirrelly background – tied to an absent Kenyan father and questionable influences from far-left – yes, progressive, socialist, and communist influences. From avowed members of these disciplines. I have yet to hear about ANY conservative influences. I have yet to hear about clear-cut religious influences, besides a Muslim grade school and a radical Rev. Wright in Chicago that may help to define Obama’s theological beliefs. I’m more disturbed that he doesn’t articulate or demonstrate his faith, more than whatever it may be. Based on his actions (which speak even more than words) I feel he may be hiding even more radical ideas than what we already know about.

I’m sick to think we may miss this opportunity to place Mitt Romney in the White House. I think a fine man, with an honorable background in public service and impeccable executive skills, may not be perceived by Americans as “sensational” enough to fix the horrible economic mess we’re in. When we compete with the extreme showmanship and warped messaging and idol-fixation of the liberal, it is an uphill battle.

And the economic mess that the dems keep talking about – this was somewhat under control as we moved through the Iraq War. Wars are always funded on “credit”.  But then, Bush, as a 2nd term president, faced a Democrat-controlled Congress who began the march toward economic destruction. What the Dems always point out about the Clinton presidency and all its economic prosperity, fail to mention the Republican controlled Congress. It’s like looking at a husband and wife where the husband takes credit for all of the wife’s frugality and good economics.  Then, in looking at another couple, the husband is blamed for all of the wife’s over-spending and wastefulness.

I know no one is reading this, but it feels so good to get it out and to see that my assumptions and predictions are verified. As for Obama tomorrow night – he will take a fairly high road, as it has been laid out on a bunch of scumbags so far. The vision of the Republican has been portrayed by the convention as horrible, backward and narrow-minded, made up of old white men who want to take everyone’s money and ruin the middle class. Of course, reality could not be further from the truth.  Obama will allude to the messages already made, not getting his own hands dirty – yet. But, just wait. This campaign will become one of good versus evil. Good doesn’t always win. But – I get it.


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