So – It’s OK for the Dems. But Not the Republicans.

Okay, I listened to Michelle tonight. I also listened to Julian Castro.  I even listened to the mother of 4 children serving in the armed forces introduce her. 

Let’s get started. I’m a mother, too.  Of  a very specially trained enlisted young man in the armed forces. He has been in for six years.  I’m also the mother of a very specially trained law enforcement officer. Both of these young men perform highly trained duties in defense of country and community.  I also have a younger daughter who volunteers her talents to her community. I have just as much pride and concern for my children as that mother. Yet I believe that Obama does not care for my children in the same way that Mitt Romney does. I do not believe that Obama sees the service my children perform for their country in the same way as they do, nor as Romney/ Ryan does.  I do not believe Obama sees our country in the same way at all. And, as for Michelle Obama, she doesn’t know what is in her husband’s heart.  Because, she is a mother, but not of sons.

After the Republican convention, Rachel Maddow (MadCow is the derogatory term I use for her) put together a short montage of speakers praising their parents’ and grandparents’ immigration sacrifices in coming to this country, mocking and laughing at it.  Her commentary is typical.  Her taste level scrapes the bottom of the barrel. However, each person speaking so far has spoken of the same humble roots.  It is the story of all American immigrants, of all our parents at one time or another.  One commentator called it the “destitute” competition, everyone seemingly trying to outdo the previous poor-man story.

Interestingly, Julian Castro, reflecting his surname, sounded more like his roots were more likely to have started in Cuba, than even Marco Rubio.  So, it’s okay for a “humble” mayor Democrat from Austin to talk about all the sacrifices his parents and grandmother made for him, but it’s not for a governor from Florida?  Just a note: A mayor is not  governor. And a community organizer is not a governor nor an executive.

Next, there was all this talk about education, education, education. Because there is a pre-kindergarten (government-funded, mind you) program now in Austin, the world is a better place. And because all these parents – who MadCow mocked and laughed at – worked all their jobs to get their kids through college, these college-graduated democrats, who took out student loans and got grants, are somehow better than any Republican.   You know, Michelle Obama talked about how her father had to pay a part of her tuition costs – and even how he sometimes had to take out a loan to make those payments. It is great how he was willing to sacrifice for her.

The point? How did he take out a loan? Was it from a loan shark on the corner? Or did he go to a bank or financial institution?  People don’t seem to understand that the money he obtained from a bank was the product of many people saving their money in that bank.  Where did they get that money to put into that bank? Could it have been from businesses they worked at – or even owned?

Somehow, the fact that Michelle’s daddy took out a loan is somehow different from Julian Castro making fun of Romney advising college students to start a small business by taking out a loan – even from their parents.  POINT – Michelle took money from her father to pay for her college tuition and he even got the money from taking out a loan!

All the money in the banks – at least back then – did NOT come from the government. There were no billion-dollar bailouts for the banks. Banks acquired their assets from people who BUILT or WORKED at their own businesses. 

Chris Wallace pointed out that all the praise of the middle class that Michelle gave was for first responders, teachers, military, even current Detroit auto workers, etc. which were all paid for by the government. As he said that, I reflected that not one word was said about all the hard-working people out there working in small offices, bakeries, tool repair shops, gas stations, coal mines, on fishing boats, grocery stores – you name it. She didn’t. That’s the difference here.

The liberal is somehow believing that to be middle class is to be part of that work force that is kept by and paid for by the government. If only they can get a good government job, then they will have access to all the protection that the Obamas are offering. And when they get there, they will be good little socialists and not close the door behind them, but reach out to others.

The American ideal has been twisted and perverted to suit the liberal socialist, collective agenda.  Individuality is sacrificed for the whole. We’ve heard this before. Germany in the 30’s.  An extremely destitute time for societies suffering from economic collapse. (Can you say 2012?)  An extremely charismatic leader who promises to provide for all, because the whole is working together for each other. And the enemy of this cause? Those who would presume to be entitled to more than the rest, such as the bankers of the ’30’s.  (Can you say Wall Street 2012?)  Then it becomes necessary to take from those who have in order to equalize the cause. 

It is the same grandiose theory that always has and always will fail.  The Soviet Union and Eastern Bloc fell because of it. Mao’s China is now emerging from the same theory. I can see the difference rearing its ugly head in the next 48 hours. We are on the verge of a very different America if we “move forward” with Obama for another four years. Again, all I hear from the liberal pundits that the Republican’s are lying.

No they’re not. The truth is, Romney/Ryan are trying to tell the real truth. We currently have a man running our beloved country who has a completely different agenda for us than what he would have us believe.  We better start believing the real truth.


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