Republican Convention Aftermath

Last night after Gov. Romney’s acceptance speech, after all the speeches leading up to him over two nights, I took time to listen to the “liberal” side. The first thing I heard was, “What was Clint Eastwood doing? I just didn’t get it…” I heard from them that Romney’s speech wasn’t poetic enough.  And then, I heard from one black “Liberal Activist” (seriously, this is his title), that he thought the remark about Obama’s promise to “stop the rising seas” and “heal the earth” was an insult to the science of climate change. Really?? The conservative woman on the panel began to explain that it was meant to point out Obama’s “hubris”. The guy shut up and looked at her. She had to explain it was an attack on Obama’s grandiose rhetoric and impossible promises – not an attack on climate change. He didn’t understand “hubris” (- I had to think about it myself).  Then he tried to interrupt her, to prevent her from making her point. This is so typical of the liberal in the media. In the “Obama-loving” world, one does not dare to diss the “king”. 

Why is it that I understood it clearly while I was listening to the speech, but the liberal didn’t get it?  Not one liberal has discussed what Eastwood said during his stand-up comedy routine. Not one of them can talk about anything specific that Eastwood said for either one of two very good reasons. One, it would force them to discuss the issues! Or two, they didn’t even recognize the issues!

How about these points he made? – Elected officials are hired by us and work for us. Obama should be fired. That’s what you get for not doing a good job. He’s been out golfing instead of doing his job. He made fun of Biden’s “gaffes” (a politically correct word for continually, outrageous, inappropriate, mean, degrading, and racist comments by the so-called Vice President!) He talked to Obama in an empty chair which is the way an actor works,  and a satirical commentary on an absentee president. They didn’t get it. (Like right… They’re on TV everyday and they don’t understand that…they know exactly what was meant. They love playing soooo dumb.)

How about the fact that the liberal talking-heads have accused the “rising stars” of the Republican Party as trying to position themselves for 2016? Because they “Know” Romney can’t win!  Just because the Republican Party has so many capable, intelligent, experienced, respected leaders, they’re all incapable of being supportive of Mitt Romney? Of being part of a true team who wants the best for our country? This reveals the true psychology of the Democrat. They are dog-eat-dog, power-grabbing, back-stabbers. And they don’t even have anyone as smart, articulate and capable to put up. 

I love that Mitt Romney’s friends and co-workers supported his membership in the “Mormon” church – The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints – and spoke to his level of service and compassion for people. This wasn’t about someone who “looks popular” to others.  This is about someone who actually has provided true service for others.  Don’t they say integrity is about what you choose to do when no one is looking? If that’s true, then Mitt Romney’s picture is beside the definition. 

Romney’s character differs from Obama’s not only in this manner, but in all manner of reason and common sense and ability. Then, the liberal media and even some talking heads criticized Romney’s speech as being strong, but not idealistic. We’ve had the idealistic – hopey/changey Obama. The change I’ve experienced has been a horrible and I’ve suffered a significantly lower quality of life since Obama took office. It is directly attributable to the economy.  Romney made simple promises. Ones that can be kept. And will be kept, because he has the skills and experience to keep them.

I know a bit about politics. I know how legislation works. I know what a filibuster is. And all I’ve seen is Obama taking vacations. Flying to give speeches to minority and disenfranchised groups of people. In Air Force One, guzzling gas while the rest of us suffer at the gas pump. And suffer the exponential rising costs of food, utilities and more.  And when Eastwood made a point of that too, the libs “didn’t get it.”

This morning I went to my new job. Two years of off-again, on-again employment. A co-worker had received an email from a local liberal pundit. The pundit said watching the convention made her want to call the paramedics. She said she had watched all the lies and they made her sick. I carefully asked this woman, what were the lies?

There’s no answer!!! Liberals just chant like doped-out rock concert goers that conservatives are “LIARS”. They don’t even know about what. But they’re certain they are.

We have to know this.  Liberals have bought into Obama’s rock-star, charismatic anthems and follow blindly without reason or sense. The very scary point about this is, that with this kind of blind following of a narcissist who believes himself a demigod, is we get a historical repeat of many societies who usher in despots and dictators and Hitler-like tyrant. And then they wonder how it happened to their society!

Next week, I predict that the mudslinging will begin in earnest at the Democratic convention. Everyone at the Republican convention was very careful to not do name-calling. Obama was praised as a loving father and a good person. Any attacks were just about his record and his lack of job skills. I guarantee that Obama’s crowd will say horrible and inflammatory things about conservatives, the Tea Party, Mormons, all people of faith, and Romney and Ryan.  I also noticed that the delegates at this convention were well-groomed and politely behaved. I guarantee that we will not see that next week. I am tired of the excuse that slovenly-dressed and ill-behaved people are simply “individuals expressing themselves.” They are simply dirty, rude and crude. Period.

Obama really thought he was going to be king of the USA. He really didn’t understand how to work with people who didn’t adore him. He didn’t know that America is not Indonesia. He didn’t know that being president isn’t being king in America.  He didn’t know that the US isn’t a totalitarian government. He didn’t know a basic fact of being an American. We can vote. And we can vote you out.

Another thing the libs did today. They ran a montage of all the accomplished leaders who spoke, talking about their struggling immigrant parents and grandparents. The very dim-witted host sighed heavily afterward and said it was too much. Too much?  I was disgusted by this low blow. Although I expect no better from these low-class excuses for journalists, still, watching what they come up still makes me take pause.  Making fun of our families and where we come from is truly un-American. I can only imagine that Obama will tell us next week that these immigrants didn’t get here by themselves. They didn’t work and scrape and save and sacrifice for their families. The government gave it to them. I dare him and his cronies to try that one.

Eastwood wasn’t smooth. And he wasn’t 100% with his delivery.  But he said it best.  “When somebody doesn’t do the job, we have to let him go.”  If only I could make Obama go through the unemployment lines like I, and 23 million other Americans, have had to go through….


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