A Gun-Control Problem?

Apparently there’s trouble in Chicago lately. Really? There seems to be an increase in killings – involving guns. Someone’s trying to make a gun-control issue out of it. As usual. But, guns are not the crux of the problem.

Chicago represents what’s happening across America. Gang and drug-related killings are up everywhere. Unemployment is out of control and more & more people are involved everywhere – struggling to control their turf and the money brought in by criminal activity.

Couple this with the infiltration of Russian mafia into drug cartels, sex trafficking, illegal aliens, and plain old under-educated and unemployed Americans, you have a recipe for death and destruction. Chicago is, has been, and may always be a center for this element. Add to all this, corrupt and/or totally inept government leadership, not only in Chicago, but across America ( can you say Fast & Furious, just one example ),  a break-down of the family, and a lack of respect for education and authority, we can only expect more of the same.

The end to all this? Will only begin in the home. When each person just stops using drugs and or mood-affecting substances (alcohol, illegal drugs, prescription drugs, over-caffeinated beverages, over-the-counter prescriptions, etc. etc. etc.) – and we begin to hold ourselves and our families accountable to higher standards of behavior, then will we even begin to combat this problem.

One more problem. Until the economy improves and we have a President who is competent and in touch with the real issues and can actually do the job of being the Executive of the United States, and not its “pop-star community organizer” from Chicago, we will continue to disintegrate. More and more people will react with aggression and violence. Guns are one of the symptoms of the problem. The problem is sad, depressed, hopeless people, especially young people, who are trying to grasp at anything to take control of their lives. Often that involves guns.

It’s not the guns that are the problem. It’s a lack of leadership. Try voting for people with integrity and ability, hopefully conservative, but anyone who has brains and integrity will do.  Act locally and make your vote count. We do have the power to turn the country around.  Send Obama back to Chicago to see if he can organize that community. I believe Romney can do the job, but he has to be elected first. That takes some bold and intelligent choices by a lot of people who want to believe their vote will count.


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