Campaign Ads – Blatant Lies & Bullying

I’m against any campaign ads that depict violence. But, remember the Palin/Republican ads that used bull’s-eyes to represent those elections that need to be targeted? Of course, most of America shops at a store called Target whose logo is a bullseye. There doesn’t seem to be any complaints about targeting savings.  But, there was a lot of discussion about those ads at the time.

This time around, I’ve already seen some pretty sleazy anti-Romney ads. Living in a blue state, I don’t suppose much money is going to be spent here showing anti-Obama ads, but, already there’s a distinct difference in the ads we’re seeing.  The first anti-Romney ad I saw, I was so embarrassed for its creators.  It’s the ad with Mitt Romney singing America the Beautiful at a campaign stop. They took the voice track, separated it from the crowd’s noise, canned it into an echo chamber and pointedly exaggerated Romney’s lack of singing talent.

I’m so offended on so many levels by this ad. First, it attempts to shame Romney’s unabashed patriotism. Happily singing with the crowd, he grins from ear to ear, joining in a patriotic moment, honoring our country. He, in that moment, represents the very best in each of us. When we try our best to sing our un-singable national anthem at a special or sports event, we know none of us is able to sing it – even Mariah Carey has to stretch to sing it well.  America the Beautiful isn’t quite as hard, but it has lots of notes that are not easy for the amateur vocalist to hit, let alone the lesser talented of us. But, most of us sing out loudly and proudly!

So, making fun of Mitt Romney’s singing ability – or lack of it – blatantly contradicts the “sweet” liberal who staunchly defends and tolerates “everyone’s” differences and disdains bullying.  Granted most negative ads are never high-class, but this one really scrapes the bottom of the barrel. I guess it’s about bashing Romney’s business record, but I haven’t paid any attention to its message at all.  It’s bad enough that most of us know very well we don’t have American Idol caliber voices, but to be made fun of is one of our greatest fears. The President of the United States Obama, I guess because he is able to carry a tune, endorses this ad.  So, he apparently not only endorses negative ads, but ads that bully and attempt to personally shame others as well. 

I’ve been so ashamed of this president since the day he took office. But, apart from my personal opinion, I plan to be even further ashamed as this presidential election campaign goes into full gear. We will see the meanest and most degrading attempts to discredit Mitt Romney, his running mate, and most other conservative candidates in this election.  I’m not naive. Even the most honest of attacks look bad at best. It’s too bad this is a campaign reality.  So, I’m sure conservatives and Romney will be slinging some mud, making them just as guilty of negative ads.

However, a gross misrepresentation is different from pointed criticism and review of someone’s record.  This is accomplished in the America the Beautiful ad. It’s also apparent in a newer ad that reviews a worker whose company was affected by Romney’s company, Bain Capital. However, the timeline of the events is grossly misrepresented. The ex-steelworker tells how his wife died of cancer after he lost his health insurance.  The problem with this worker’s complaint is, when his plant closed, his wife had other health insurance for the family. And then, some five years later, long after Romney had left his job, his wife died after the brief illness.

In my day, this was called lying. Unfortunately, the leftist, progressive liberal unconditionally believes whatever is fed to them.  The same group who disdains the religious “right” with their faith and beliefs in morality and honesty. The same group who disdains corporate misrepresentation, screaming for “truth” and “transparency”.  The same group who disdains bullying and “advocates” for equality and acceptance.  The same group who wants to “save the earth” – and ironically, probably wanted the dirty old steel plant closed anyway!

No, we haven’t seen anything yet this election.  And I predict the left will stop at nothing. And you will not hear a peep from Obama about it. No matter how personally vulgar it will get against Romney. I wish I could hold them to a higher standard than the low-class campaign they are already producing. I think Romney will call them out on their sleazy-ness, but the left and their leader Obama will just laugh and continue on. America needs better than a president who accepts and ignores this kind of campaigning. It speaks to his lack of integrity and good judgment. The one thing I’m praying for – let them laugh themselves right out of the White House and Washington. It is so important we get to the polls November 6th. Even if you’re in a blue state, think nationally, but vote for your local conservatives.  You can do a lot to support change your own community or at least provide balance.

America is still beautiful and I, for one, will continue to sing out – even off-key – for it.


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