Romney’s Visit to Israel – A Reflection of the Issues

I was only 17 years old when I visited Israel. I will tell you that was very many years ago. However, the first thing that struck me – even then – was how the new Jewish settlers had transformed the country from the Palestinians who lived there for the past two thousand years.  There was a stark contrast between the two cultures which I have watched develop over the past forty years.  It’s more than obvious that the Jewish culture continues to be more and more prosperous while the Palestinian culture has not kept pace and the argument quickly becomes one that of course the Jewish people must be “taking advantage of” or “oppressing” the Palestinians – that’s why they have lagged behind.
Unfortunately, the argument doesn’t hold water due to the fact that most of Israel’s prosperity came about through plain old hard labor, creating fruitful farmland and successful industry.  And unfortunately, it boils down to a difference in priorities and work ethic. Sorry – but it’s the plain truth. The Palestinians have had the same abilities and certainly access to the same resources. Each culture has made their own choices. 
The Palestinians have chosen to support a culture of violence, hatred and an unwillingness to compromise with the Israelis – no matter what concessions have been offered to them. (It goes to the extremist Muslim philosophy of destroying the Jews – sorry, that’s the reality of the elephant in the room!) And any restrictions the Palestinians have suffered have been brought upon themselves through their continuous terrorist violence towards the Jews. It would have been nice for them if the Jews had not been exiled to Israel after WWII, but that’s another reality that just can’t be changed. Get over it.
Until, and unless, the Palestinians support a willingness to compromise and work together, they will continue to have “less”. It’s all about choice. As for Romney’s comments, he was simply pointing out the obvious and would love to see more prosperity for all. However, if the obvious should be changed – where has Obama been these past years? Simply disrespecting Israel without any solutions and allowing the unrest to escalate not only between Israel and the Palestinians, but throughout the Middle East, especially now Syria. Romney understands the reality and will work to not only support Israel, but help to facilitate an understanding with the Palestinians in order to further peace between them. Voting for Obama means further unrest and voting for Romney means a chance for real change in Israel.


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