Chik-fil-a – A Last Bastion of Religious Freedom?

America has been at a crossroads for quite a while now. However, with that Chicago mayor (Obama’s minion-or is it the other way around?), denouncing a private business for their religious beliefs and the right to distribute their increase in whatever way they desire, our basic religious rights, not to mention human and civil rights, are being trounced! I knew with beginning of the acceptance of same-sex marriage, that it would be the end of religious rights, especially Christian worship, as we have known it in America.

I’m appalled at the “progressives” in this country who somehow believe they have the right to do whatever they want – including showing a complete lack of personal integrity – in order to promote those who engage in homosexual behaviors. Yes, homosexual behaviors. I am through using the word G-A-Y to describe this lifestyle. Don’t you remember in school they told us not to use pet names to describe our body parts. We are taught that now at young ages – in order to empower our children against those who would commit violent and immoral acts upon them.

Why then, do we continue to use the pet word g-a-y? I’m sure I don’t have any reason to determine whether someone is merry and light-hearted! In fact, it is such a sweet word and girls used to be named Gay, reflecting how happy their parents were when they were born. Why then do we use that pet word?

In fact, many years ago – in the mid-70’s in fact, my mother used the phrase “No way!” in a sentence. I asked her where she heard that? She told me it was the newest phrase – everyone was using it. The truth is, I’d only heard it a couple of times before and it amazed me she was so hip. It was the first time I recognized how slang began and spread. I am going to do my best to reverse the spread of that word used in this definition. An uphill battle you say? Perhaps. But is there anyone who hasn’t said the phrase “no way”?

But, I digress. The point is, we have come to accept this word, its behavior, and the mandatory acceptance of all that goes with it.  You see, marriage, throughout the history of man and society, has been a religious rite. Not a “right”. It has been a rite accepted by the governing bodies of a society, because there was a blending of religion and government. It was also a natural right. It protected a family, its lineage, its innocent children, yes and even property. Good, bad or otherwise, it protected society from chaos and lawlessness.

The argument of modern society is that we don’t need that protection any longer. Ohhh, are they wrong. We need it more than ever. Somehow, the progressive has replaced the “church” with a nanny-government. Wait. Hasn’t that been done before? Yesss, it’s called tyranny. It’s been disguised through communism, socialism, fascism, whatever-ism. But what it is, is blatant destruction of religious rights. You know, after the Cold War, people throughout the USSR, and eastern Europe, and even in China, have come forward and back into their churches or other religions.  You could push them behind closed doors, but you couldn’t stop the believing.

The progressives want to do that to us in this country. They truly believe that the only true separation of church and state is when the church goes away.  However, we come back to the fact that marriage is a religious rite. Recognized by the state.  It is not sanctioned by the state. When that happens, it is no longer marriage. Hence, the argument that marriage is only between a man and a woman. As is determined in all but a very few religious factions, throughout history.

To take away that right from religion is not a separation of church and state, but an oppression of religion. We still have an intact country. We still have the Constitution. We still have freedoms. Freedom of speech, the right to assemble, the right to worship.  The mayor of Chicago, as well as our own president is attempting to take away these rights.

If you think this isn’t a pervasive event, let me tell you that just recently, our local government tried to take away our rights for free assembly on government property (i.e. parks, sidewalks, empty spaces). It was amazing to see everyone from far right Libertarians to the most liberal hippie speaking out against this. There’s been a great acceptance of many things this governing body has done, but they finally stepped too far and even the blindest of people woke up and saw the light.

This is what is happening with Chick-fil-A.  August 4th has been designated through social media as Chick-fil-A day. They will be selling out before noon at every store in America. I won’t be surprised if a few people get arrested for demonstrating, but I doubt it will people who practice and/or promote homosexual behavior.  People are getting pretty angry for having their Constitutional rights trampled. You’re getting away with making companies post their food calories, you’re getting away with making large drinks illegal, you’re getting away with stomping on state constitutions and even the Obamacare constitutional issue, but – this taking of the integrity and livelihood of a Christian business is the straw that’s breaking the camel’s back.

Let me say, I don’t care what anybody does in their homes. But allowing same-sex marriage and all the promoting of the rights for persons who claim they engage in homosexual behaviors, has opened a Pandora’s box. Where does this end? Do Christians have to worship behind closed and locked doors? Will businesses have to hide where they make charitable donations? Already, public companies are forced to disclose everything, so they are scrutinized as to whether they are discriminating by not “giving” to what they may perceive (and have the right to perceive) as organizations who promote or engage in perverse behaviors.

If we have a powerful city mayor allowed to expound his personal bias upon whether or not a business can operate in Chicago, what will happen in your town?? We better start standing up and stop this. It can be done locally. Get involved. Run for a local office. (They are.) Vote for people who truly support your beliefs and campaign for laws that will uphold your Constitution (state and federal). Most of all, vote. Never think for one minute that your vote doesn’t count. It really counts locally. And it is your right and privilege in this world to be able to cast your vote. And encourage others to vote.

Attitudes and laws can change. You say “No way.” I say, you go, Mom.  Oh, and I’m getting in line early on August 4th at Chick-fil-A!!


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