A Sad Day :(

Today a shooter committed a massacre at a movie theater. There is a great deal of speculation going on in reporting the ongoing tragedy. My heart and prayers go out to all the victims and all their families and friends. I actually have friends living in the area, so it’ll be no surprise that they will know someone affected by this horrible event.

Unfortunately, the next step after this tragedy will affect all of us. Soon we’ll be going through security at movie theaters and getting pat-downs before we can buy our over-priced popcorn.  Apparently though, this guy had come through a back-door exit. I’m concerned how he got access through it. (Apparently, he came into the theater, went through the exit and propped it open.) My question is, was there some security alarm when this door was opened?  I believe some better security was definitely needed, but I’m worried about the future of going to the movies and other entertainment venues.

What worries me the most is that Obama is presently meeting with some “security advisors.”  There is no indication of any terrorist implications and I’m sure that will be appropriately investigated.  This appears to be the sole action of a deranged gunman. The more important question in these incidents concerns mental health care in this country and more specifically, in Colorado, where the Columbine High School massacre also occurred.

There are so many factors that are impacting the mental health of America. First, general health care availability. (Centralized healthcare is absolutely not the answer.) Second, too many people in our country use too many mood-altering substances. From caffeine to alcohol to illegal drugs and everything inbetween.  Just last night, jokingly, as entertainment, a very well-known actress was asked what would she do if she were given $60,000 worth of cocaine. She laughed, asked if her children were watching, and said she would keep it and give it to her friends. 

What is that?  She revealed a level of thinking that is unacceptable. Was this an admission that she used cocaine? Seemed to me that it was. And also, that her circle of friends used it as well.  Even if it was all just a joke, this is not the kind of thing we should be joking about. There is a definite lack of integrity in our society when it comes to the use of addictive substances.

Third, mental health care is sorely lacking in our country. Often, emotionally unhealthy people are brilliant people.  In our society, we routinely make fun of “nerds” and “geeks”, people who are sometimes socially awkward people who devote themselves to higher learning. Instead of respecting scholarly people, we make them targets of our ridicule. And sometimes, there is a direct correlation between mental health issues and brilliant people.  Scientific findings aside, bullying persons who are scholarly and socially awkward is unacceptable. Even the best healthcare coverages offer only three counseling visits, partially covered, if you can get any at all. There is little or no support for people dealing with mental health issues in our society. The charicature is of the rich lying on the couch getting therapy.  The blue-collar approach to mental health still remains one of “I can take care of it myself.” What is not understood is that mental health is often so strongly linked to physical health. Then there’s a huge under-estimation of the affect of all these mood-altering and addictive substances have on the brain and our overall physical well-being.

We’ll be learning more about the theater shooting, but already there is too much speculation that the guns are at fault.  How he obtained the guns is important, but bad people can get guns no matter what. All the safeguards in the world won’t keep guns out of the hands of someone who wants them. (And don’t even get me started about the government’s Fast & Furious fiasco.)

Back to Obama posturing by “meeting” with security advisors. Baloney. The next thing we’ll see is this used during the campaign and to push through gun control legislation. No one wants people to have access to guns who shouldn’t. And no one wants to ever be in the position of using a gun. But, where do you draw the line? So many of our freedoms are being taken away by an irrational fear of guns. It is the use of guns that we should be afraid of. We should still have the freedom to obtain guns if we want to.  They talk about the kinds of guns used, the ammunition available, etc. However, the only way to get that kind of armament is through some illegal or deceptive means.

There is a fine line between gun control and the right to bear arms. It is eroded by well-meaning people whenever this type of tragedy occurs. The fact that Obama should be moving so quickly is a sign to me that he intends to use this as momentum to further restrict our freedoms.  I’m sorry, but I see this leader’s intentions as not well-intentioned, but deliberately contrived to control Americans.  Many of his policies and actions reflect this motive. There are many reasons why Obama would want to restrict us, but overall, I believe it’s based on a benevolent-dictator mentality stemming from his over-active narcissistic personality disorder. But that’s just a wild guess. 

Watch for metal detectors, pat-downs and $28.50 movie tickets. And vote for Mitt Romney and local conservatives come November. No matter what this poor sick guy did, my freedoms should remain intact.


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