Made in China!?!

Ralph Lauren made the Olympic athletes’ apparel in China.  I personally think that’s inappropriate. However, how can we expect to pay for clothes made in America? Regulations and high taxation has long ago shut down textile manufacturing in the South, leaving empty factories and high unemployment. Yes, jobs went overseas. Companies need to answer to their stockholders. The only way to give them dividends is to make a profit. When you can’t make a profit sewing in the USA, you go to China. When you go to China, you make American flags and Olympic uniforms in China. When you dress Olympic athletes in Chinese-made clothes and fly Chinese-made flags, you make America mad.  Angry. Except for some, who shrug their shoulders and say, well, so many things Americans use are made overseas, so maybe it does represent America!

What is wrong with this picture?? — Then, I heard Whoopi say, “This is where the GOVERNMENT can help.” Whaaaat??? Isn’t that how they make the clothes in China? In government-controlled factories? Maybe she’s right. Maybe if government took over manufacturing, we could have clothes Made In America?  

Such ignorance is soooo dangerous.  This is what is wrong with people’s thinking. People must STOP thinking that government can help private enterprise. The only way government can help – is by getting out of the way! If the unions and government hadn’t strangled the textile industry (as well as many others), maybe we could be producing competitive products here in America. In the United States of America.

I’m all for enpowering third world countries’ entrepreneurship. I’m all for active trade policies to import – and export – American-made products – fairly. But, this thought-process that forces us to succumb to believing that we HAVE to accept China-made products and that the only way to create competitive manufacturing is through government subsidy is WRONG.

This is why we must change all government throughout the nation.  Local government is affecting this thought-process just as heavily as national/federal government. We must elect representation that is willing to GUIDE its community, not dictate to it. We need leaders who understand the role of government in our lives, not power-hungry socialist-thinkers. Many good ideas are being bastardized into socialist policies. Not the least of which is the idea that government can subsidize our lives – but in truth becomes the social engineer of our lives. Unscrupulous leaders make beneficent social policies which are “good” for us. Controlling everything from building policies to the size of our food portions & our slurpies – and make us vulnerable to malicious people. We need to start to make change by voting out the liberals in our own communities. Then our states. Then Washington, DC. We still have our votes. Make them count.


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