The News Is So Bad

Today, I went to our little town’s funky used/exchange book shop. It’s been almost a landmark in our community for well over twenty years.  It is closing.  Another empty storefront. Another family without a small business. What will the employees do? There are so few jobs available, and those that are available are part-time and underpaid.  Now those peole are added to the unemployment figures.

It seems people are busy selling their books are ebay, or in garage sales. They are selling used books for more money and then buying them, more cheaply, on Ebay. Or – they are buying book readers (Nook or Kindle, etc.).  People are downloading their books. It appears more cost-effective and the “newest” thing. Soon, we’ll be unable to even get printed books! Times, they are a-changin’.  But, I think they will not change completely, as experts will eventually find that reading screens will not give people the depth of experience needed to exercise eyes and emotions. We’ll see.

Then, I reviewed the stupid news today.  Holder will not be prosecuted for contempt charges in the Fast and Furious case. – No surprise there. But, what is surprising is a comment made on MSNBC about the article.

“President Obama ran on the promise of transparency, no more politics as usual. As a Democrat, I for one believed him and voted for him. Today, I don’t believe President Obama would know accountability, integrity, or real transparency, if it was staring him in the face. Transparency isn’t politically correct or expedient rather it is clear and it ,says here I am. Mr. President, I wish you were half the man you claimed to be in 2008.”

Two years ago, there were no such remarks written anywhere! There are many disillusioned people out there and apparently, they aren’t all Republicans.  We can only hope that this will translate into votes in November.

One of the arguments against Republicans I’m seeing is that we have had no Congressional action during the past two years and this is their fault.  First of all, people don’t understand how Congress works, how bills are passed (or not), and how programs are funded (or not).  Thank goodness we still have three branches of government – in spite of Obama’s tyranical use of executive privilege.  But, a civil suit is still possible and Congressional members are completely within their rights to both request whatever documents they want to look at in the Fast and Furious case – or any other issue they want – and to pursue a civil contempt case.

Furthermore, proponents of Obamacare are now advertising  that insurance companies will not be prevented from denying or dropping healthcare coverage if Republicans repeal the healthcare act.  What does that part of the law have to do with the costs we will incur for coverage??  They do not even discuss the costs of this program. Repealing Obamacare does not mean that insurance companies don’t need regulation and consumers don’t need protection.  The healthcare system needs reform and no one denies that. America just does not the government to provide healthcare. The free-market system is still the best method in a free society. (Oh, but are we still free to choose? Not according to Obama – He wants to “take care” of us. That’s what all dictators tell the people before they take over!!)

I’m personally sick to death of Obama and this self-entitled administration. I guarantee Obama does not, nor anyone he surrounds himself with, know what is good for me. And he has not done anything for me. America is at a crossroad.  And, in November I’ll exercise my very precious right – he will not, he cannot take away from me – my right to vote. And I will make every effort to help elect conservatives into every local, state and national office. 


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