Obamacare is Unconstitutional – Despite SCOTUS Ruling

The Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) ruled today that Obama’s healthcare initiative is “constitutional” – except for the parts that are really a taxation, not a mandate. This is really a mixed message to Americans. Listening to the pundits today, and a doctors’ panel, and even Obama, the messages are still as confusing as the some-2000 page document that no one has even read, let alone understands. One of the panels included Rahm Emanuel’s brother, Ezekiel, who is employed by the National Health Institute and helped draft the legislation. I never even realized how deeply nepotistic the whole mess is.  They have another brother, Ari, a talent agent in Hollywood. What a perfect storm for pushing that legislation through and feeding the propaganda to the country.

People are still discussing the “positive” aspects of the program.  Of course, no one wants anyone to be denied healthcare. So, agreeing with some of the issues that have been plaguing insurance plans, puts the arguments off-balance. In pointing out the misery of the entire program, it’s like trying not to throw the baby out with the bath water. 

Obama never even mentioned the decision’s limitations regarding taxation when he addressed the public after the ruling was published. He pointed out the “benefits” and all the starry-eyed wonder of this fabulous decision “he” made for America. (I am so sick of his holier-than-thou attitude toward “saving” America!) The truth is, SCOTUS determined that the bill tried to push the program through as a tax, which is unconstitutional. This means that the whole program – wherever and however it calls for funding – is unconstitutional. Without the ability to pay for the program, it is moot. But, in order to fund it, we must be taxed.  Therefore, Obamacare IS unconstitutional.

All the propaganda won’t change that. And how the government can tax – “or require” – people to “buy” insurance is unconstitutional – at least through this legislation. Anywhere and any way the program requires people to pay money to the government for healthcare is a “tax” to fund it and is therefore unconstitutional.

What it means legislatively is, that in order to fund the program, Obama will have to go back to Congress and levy a tax in order to fund it. Can’t see that going through.  It’s one thing to legislate policy, but it’s another to fund it. There are lots of ways that this can be done, in very surreptitious ways. That’s how we get people studying fleas and such. This is why government has gotten so out of control. By taking our taxes and diverting them into a bloated government.

And there’s a lot of legislation for programs that never get funded. It’s one thing to say something should be done and then really getting it done. So, I think Obamacare is basically dead in the water. Where it should be. There are some good points – in policy – to it. And we should get some control over insurance companies, interstate commerce, and insurance coverage restrictions and limitations. (We all know that insurance executives and company dividends are usually the highest of any industry.)

I’m all for free-market enterprise, but it is clear that the healthcare industry and insurance companies face multiple problems which will not be solved through Obamacare. It is imperative that we vote liberals out of Congress and get a grip on our government. Much control must be returned to the states and any more taxation will not solve what is wrong. We must learn to live without and that does not mean by giving it all through taxes to a nanny-government!


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