A Double Standard – Again

Isn’t it interesting that, that Joy Behar from The View can make another slam against Mitt Romney with hate rhetoric and this is not even commented on in the mainstream media? If someone else had made such remarks against a liberal, especially someone of color, that person would have been charged with a hate crime. However, someone like Behar, who claims to be a “comic”, gets away with anti-Mormon hate comments – again.

I’m pointing this out because it speaks to what we will see in these upcoming months of campaigning.  I predict that this campaign will unveil such levels of hateful speech and mud-slinging against Romney as to be unprecedented. And, I will be very surprised if Obama ever stands up to quell the surge that is undoubtedly coming. He, of course, always seems to have some flip comment on whatever he perceives as unjust in America – but he will suddenly become a mute this fall when his PAC’s and others create this hate-filled mudslide.

I also predict that Romney will take the high road whenever possible, but will not back down from blatant attacks.  Why do I predict this? Because we are seeing it already. Of course, if Romney or anyone else ever made such statements against Obama, it would be considered racist or religious slurs. But, when Behar does it, it’s “comedy”. Yeah, right.

But, Romney will never even need to consider such tactics. Obama has failed so miserably, that all Romney has to do is discuss the record and keep discussing it. Already though, Obama is winding up his whining about the “mess” he was left by Bush. It’s still Bush’s fault. Even after four years, it’s still Bush’s fault.  The reality is, that the Democrats took over Congress two years before Bush left and ran amuck with the budget even before he left office. Then Obama and his Chicago thug cronies swooped into town and they set up the bailouts, Obamacare, put everything into motion and then left town after two years. They all went back to Chicago to set up their own political machine there, with Rahm Emanuel getting elected as mayor.

When those cronies left office, you begin to see the change in Obama’s momentum.  Coupled with the 2010 elections turning more control in Congress over to conservatives, Obama hasn’t accomplished a thing since then.  My theory is that he. himself, never really did anything in the first place. He’s no executive. He’s done nothing but campaign since getting into office. We know how many speeches he’s made at all the glamorous gatherings, raising money, trying to influence state and congressional elections, but what time has he spent in the Oval Office? He never seems to be there except for photo ops.  Have to give credit to the Chicago machine. They were the ones actually running the country while they were in DC.

As for Behar – the comments made by Obama calling for the hiring of more firefighting and police personnel are in stark contrast to the reality in communities across the country. Departments are down-sizing and consolidating in efforts to stay afloat. Obama’s comment to increase hiring is another in his long line of crazy-making talk.  Of course, all society wants adequate fire and safety coverage in their communities, so it “feels” good to the liberal to hear such heartfelt compassion, but what isn’t said is the burden of the cost is paid for on the backs of  its local citizens. When businesses fail, they are not paying taxes.  When citizens are not employed, they are not paying taxes. When a town cannot collect adequate taxes to cover their expenses – where the devil are they going to get money to hire more personnel?? (Democrats say – tax the rich.)

Obama is so out-of-touch and to say such things is so outrageous, that I have trouble believing Americans are so stupid as to believe his reasoning.  All they have to do is look at their own bank accounts, ever-increasing gas prices and costs of food, goods, and services to know the truth.

Behar wished Romney harm. Violent harm. She hoped one of his “millions of homes” (showing again her jealousy of his success) would burn. She questioned if the “Mormon Fire Patrol” would put it out. Let me clarify a couple of things. What a horrible thing to say about anyone. The loss of property hurts everyone and fire endangers lives, especially firefighters. That’s why we laud the work they do.  And, if necessary, in reality, if the need actually existed, those Mormons really would come together and create a “fire patrol”, if their community were somehow cut off from that support.  

Behar’s comments were hate-filled, as is so often true with her.  On all fronts, Behar has demonstrated that she is a thoughtless, irresponsible, ignorant, liberal – bully.  The mainstream’s tacit approval pushes open the door just a little more in escalating the mud-slinging.  Watch for more to come from the liberals. Here’s the double standard – again.


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