In Spite of the Liberal, We’re Moving in the Right Direction!

After yesterday’s election day and the defeat of the Walker recall in Wisconsin, liberals are all whining that wherever they were defeated it was due to the outspending of “money” to “buy” the election. (This is even happening around me locally.)  And, of course, all this money came from dubious sources.  To the liberal, if a conservative has money, they must be greedy, self-serving, earth-pillaging demons.  Looking at the range on comment pages, the liberal is becoming unglued at the rising tide against the Democratic party candidates. 

It never even occurs to the liberal that the money spent in an election could come from people who earned it. In their minds, the liberal candidate should be elected because they represented “poor or needy” people who can’t give enough money.  Of course, they lost because money bought hateful messages that swayed voters.  The reasoning is often baseless.

The fact is, voters are responding to messages of reason and hope. It is reasonable to expect government to operate within a budget. Their families are struggling to do that in this failing economy.  Everyone would love to see all social ills solved. In a perfect world, everyone would truly have everything they could ever need or want. But the truth is, there is only so much money to go around. People know this first-hand when they can’t even provide for their own families.

Conservatives understand that governance is about supporting the populace, not providing everything for them.  Government cannot provide all the answers for society.  People must provide that themselves. Conservatives understand that means hard work, self-reliance, and accountability.  It means not everyone will succeed to the same level (that’s socialism or even communism), but that the opportunity to succeed is available to everyone.

This is not just a wild dream – although the liberal wants us to believe, that that only happens if we are greedy and self-serving. Nothing could be further from the truth.  Voters are beginning to understand that and are responding at the polls.  America’s future is on the line and this is giving me real hope for the future.


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