Zimmerman vs Public “Opinion”

This whole case is ludicrous. First, the claims of racism are outrageous. Zimmerman is half-Peruvian and half-White and Martin was black. Both persons of “color”, this was not the issue between them.  Martin looked suspicious and out-of-place in a wealthy community. This is an issue of economics – not race. Just because Martin was black wasn’t the problem. It was because the way he dressed and acted looked like others who engage in criminal behavior and not like residents of this type of community. Was the judgment right or wrong? I can’t possibly say, but obviously Martin reacted aggressively when confronted and the tragedy occurred.

People should understand that when you look like, walk like, talk like – a certain type of person, you will be recognized as such.  If our youth and others insist on looking and acting aggressively, others will perceive you as a threat and will react accordingly. Martin reacted to Zimmerman aggressively, and then apparently Zimmerman did the same with disastrous results. Society has a right to protect itself and in Florida the ongoing threat to personal safety has been such that gun laws permit self-defense. We need to stop making this about race. It is about behavior.

As for the case against Zimmerman, it’s so obvious that “public opinion” is driving everything that’s happened. Zimmerman is getting railroaded. Whether you agree with the gun law or not, he acted within his rights under the law.  If you don’t like the law, change it, but don’t expect to punish Zimmerman for it. The prosecution continues to reach for anything against Zimmerman and the judge is complying in order to satisfy this public appetite. In light of the level of violence demonstrated so far, if they release witness names, it will be a travesty. It’s clear they would be in physical danger and will certainly prove the judge is biased. I hope this goes to trial as soon as possible in order to protect everyone involved. Maybe Zimmerman will be safer in jail until then.


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