Preserve Marriage – Popular or Not

Today, I believe in reaction to North Carolina’s vote for constitutional support for marriage between a man and a woman, Obama spoke in support for same-sex marriage.  Another day disgusted by a “leader” who does not represent me in any way.

I can accept and tolerate the fact that same-sex relationships exist. I think it is appropriate for society to provide legal protection for them in terms of health care, property rights, and parental responsibilities. I do not believe that this extends to the sanctity of marriage. This can, however, be accomplished through civil actions.  

I will be proud when Mitt Romney takes the oath of office and becomes President.  Romney’s personal position is clear, has been clear, and will continue to be clear on this societal issue. He will continue to defend this position politically and until, and unless, laws – which are passed and enacted through the legislative branch of government, and adjudicated through the judicial branch – force him to accept anything else, he will work to preserve marriage.  Americans have been led to believe that this is a popularity issue and it is definitely not. However, Obama is catering to be “popular” and is feeding the public whatever he thinks they want to hear – as usual. His moral compass changes with the polls. The last 3 1/2 years has proven that out. And today is just another day of failure for him.


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