Signal – Who Me?

Here’s something that Drives Me Crazy. You’re driving along. Suddenly you have to slow for the car in front of you. The car turns. Doesn’t matter which direction. There’s no way you could have guessed. The driver never used his turn signal. Drivers barrel down the road and suddenly swoop and turn in front of you. On the freeway, cars slide in and out of lanes without any indication.  No wonder the newest report says some 2 million accidents each year occur because someone fails to use a signal. It’s like people think it’s not only unnecessary, but somehow old-fashioned to flip that turn signal.  After all, your GPS robot is telling you how to drive and – “You’ll know where I’m going when I turn.”  Great.  Until I plow into you as you turn in front of me.  Yeah, now I know… 

Fact is, it’s plain rude and lazy not to signal.  Everyone wants lower insurance rates. Easier commutes. Less road rage. Want that? Try signalling.  Oh, and another thing.  Just cause you do flash your signal – doesn’t give you the right to push in front of others or make a dangerous turn.  Safer driving begins and ends with you – and your turn signal.


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