I’m concerned…

Gizmo & Beau have their view on the world too.

I’m really concerned about the direction our society and our government has gone in – well, especially in the past few years. I do believe that bad things happen when good people do nothing or even, if they say nothing. Mother always said, if you don’t have something nice to say… But by not speaking up about what we see and believe in the world, we give a tacit approval – unless we state clearly that we either support or disagree with the thoughts, beliefs or actions of others.

I’m going to remain anonymous at this point. Not because I don’t stand behind my opinions, but because safety is a concern in these times.

Are my opinons correct? The end all? Not at all. But, I think I may have some ideas on things that are worth stating. And, as an American, I have the freedom and the right to do just that…


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