Anti-Trump = Death of Republican Party?

What are the “Anti-Trumps” doing? They are actively working against Trump? I can see quietly not supporting him in order to pander to your Congressional or Senatorial seat – makes you a coward and a louse – but hey, you might get re-elected. But once you do, without Trump? You will be a worthless cast-off of a liberal socialist regime in a country overrun with drugs, illegals – oh wait another minute – “undocumented immigrants” – jobless, impoverished, anarchist citizens, with agencies armed to the teeth against your impotent hunting rifles.

We’re talking a country rife with political correctness which will hurtle us towards a horrific police state – Can you say Farenheit 451? Brave New World? 1984? Animal Farm? Lord of the Flies? Those are banned books for our young, even now. They read whatever social media and the socialist politically correct media feeds them.

We’ll see more & more countries collapse to theocratic Muslim rule. The Middle East is buckling under ISIS terrorism. Turkey is gone. Which is of course, so dangerous, as our military base is in the center of the country & vital to controling that entire region of the world!

Israel will fall without Allied support. Which will disappear under Clinton, as European nations collapse to Muslim terrorism. Already, London has a Muslim Mayor. Seems innocuous enough? No – he’s already campaigned against Trump, providing US Muslims validation to vote against him of course. This kind of influence is diseased and virulent. Why do these Anti’s not understand the consequences of a Clintons presidency (I do mean Clintons – we get a two-fer here and not in a good way!).

It’s inconceivable that the Republican Party has collapsed so far so as to have overt & blatant deserters turning to Clinton and unadulterated liberalism. What’s in it for these Anti-Trumps? How dare people like Bush & Kasich & even Cruz & Fiorina not support Trump completely. They quickly signed the pledges. America got it right, you know. Many saw through their lying facades. Trump took time before he signed. It looked like he wouldn’t, and maybe it was nothing more than attention-getting, but I think he actually took the time to make the personal commitment. He wasn’t going to sign anything he couldn’t stand by. Did he take a chance? Of course, but way more of a chance in those early months than most of the other candidates actually. So much for character.

And so much for the character of the Anti-Trumps. They have none. They have turned their backs on their party. Is there anything more low & despicable? To actively work against their own candidate?! And the worst part about it? The liberal media is feasting, no binge eating, to the point of regurgitation! They are sick with self-gloating as they promote these creeps. And do their very best to try to use them to undermine Trump.

And the end-game? Those Anti-Trumps will have no political future – at all. The Dems will only use them to their own self-destruction with their constituents, if Hillary wins. The Republicans? I hope they punish them and blackmail them into compliance – or expulsion. Anti-Trumps are the epitome of stupidity & arrogance. The kind of people no one should or could trust.

One thing about Trump  is true. He is extraordinarily egotistical. But he is not a liar & he is loyal and truth-telling to a fault. You won’t like the way he says it. You won’t even like that he says it at all. But no one has called him a liar. Anti-Trumps are lying, betraying snakes-in-the-grass who can’t be trusted – ever! If they have any judgment left at all- they need to Shut Up. NOW!

How Many Lies Does It Take?

How many lies does it take for America to finally decide to stop HiIlary Clinton? Oh yeah, we’re talking about HER lies. As well as hers and the Obama administration’s deceptions and misrepresentations and mis-directions and plain out-and-out bald-faced pathological lies!

Well, I wonder why people continue to believe her? That is the question I just can’t answer. If you’re old enough to remember Bill Clinton’s presidency – or rather his time in the White House, as I never considered him a president – you remember how pathological he was. Actually, I took one look at him on TV in 1992, and just about retched and recognized him as a disgusting and repulsive reprobate. I couldn’t stand his voice or his looks. But mostly, I saw that he was a low-class flimflam man – without one redeemable quality. Then, I proceeded to not listen to him speak for more than 90 seconds for the next 8 years. It was particularly difficult when he was testifying – er, I mean Lying – to the American people about his sexual relations with a very young, impressionable aid, Monica Lewinsky. I felt so sorry for her the entire time, while Hillary proceeded to try to ruin her character,  in favor of her perverted husband. The whole thing was despicable and through their unholy influence, got away with it. He remained president.

But, more importantly, this was when America first became desensitized to this kind of repulsive behavior in a man who was supposed to be the leader of the free world. America accepted this lowering of standards, morals and ethics. They turned a blind eye to him in favor of the slick words and media influence that began to become more and more apparently in favor of these reprehensible people. He was, of course, known as “Slick Willie” – for more than one reason!

This disintegration was offset by George W. Bush and the horrible event, 9/11. This event had been allowed to be created within the totally inept and incompetent term of Bill Clinton &, make no mistake about it, Hillary Clinton. They did serve together. She was one of the original architects of our failing health care insurance system. If she had ever had an ounce of compassion about providing health care for all Americans, it was quickly squashed by her unquenchable thirst for power. She saw a vehicle to propel herself into the political arena and press her power.

Unfortunately for her, she’s a pathological liar and cheater, so the many scandals of her unethical if not illegal business dealings caused her influence to be diverted and she failed in her attempt to fashion a federally controlled health insurance system at that time. Along the way, there is much evidence and impossibly probable coincidences of many deaths around the Clintons and their administration and political cronies. In every instance, there is an improbable event that prevented any gathering of substantial evidence of illegalities. Every new scandal was labeled  a “-gate.”

The one mistake that corrupt, power-mongering people make as they age, is not recognizing the gulf between them and changes in communication and technology. What could be covered up in the past, is now immediately available for the entire world to see. It’s become impossible for Hillary & Bill and even Obama’s corroded administration, to cover up enough, fast enough, to keep control of all the lies and deceptions and money laundering and power-brokering that they are involved in.

For someone who left the White House nearly “broke”, they’ve parlayed their political influence (which is supposed to be freely given as civil service to our country) into amassing a fortune between their “foundation” (talk about cheating and embezzling of funds) and their own income to a reported $100 Million! In just 16 years! How is that possible unless your name is Ponzi? Well, it’s possible for the Clintons!!

Is the truth finally going to prevail? Maybe not. But – maybe it will! Maybe enough people are finally sick enough of the lies, that they will take a chance on something different. Trump may be blunt and crude and blundering – but he sure tells the truth like he sees it. Isn’t that always what people seem to express that they like in their friends or colleagues? Wouldn’t it be refreshing to have that in D.C.?


Tagged – & Divided

Trump’s talk tonight – about law and order. But it’s about even more than that.

During the Democrat convention, I saw there was a “caucus” system during the day. But these caucuses didn’t meet according to political issues. The caucuses were divided by Race. Yes. Ethnicity. Age. Sexual Orientation.

These caucuses weren’t about governing issues. They weren’t about Law & Order. National Security. Energy. Delegates? No.

The Democrats only want to tag you and put you into a clique. A self-identifying clique. Does this make a person feel included? Sure with their “own kind”. These meetings weren’t about sharing ideas. Then they would probably include a wide, broad spectrum of people. Dems don’t want that. Then there would be different races, sexual identities, different educational backgrounds, different ages – DIFFERENT people together sharing ideas. Then they’ll figure out what’s really going on.

No the Dems – the liberal – wants to tag you and divide you into groups. All in the name of “recognizing” you and your special issues.

Hell, the only issues they want to recognize is your emotional issues, so they can target them & exploit them. It’s all about getting you to “feel” about the issues – Not to think about them. Each becomes a minority that is more important than the last. Hey – but then they stick you with the Political Correctness card – which prevents you from voicing any opinion other than the group’s. No matter that it’s stupid. Or irrelevant. Or self-destructive. Or murderous. No, the mantra is the group is more important than the individual. Hail O Socialist!

This is why the Democrats poll so well with “women”. They have carefully crafted a message that evokes every feminine emotion available to them. They have served up those emotions in a cocoon of quasi-intellectual, falsely altruistic narratives that create a certain line of questioning, beginning with the ever popular “Do you still beat your wife?” category.

It’s a bit like the Stockholm Syndrome. Or maybe a Jim Jones cult (that’s why conservatives constantly refer to you drinking the Kool Aid). Except it’s a national narrative that’s been foisted upon the minority communities, such as the Blacks, the Hispanics, the Asians – well maybe not the Asian so much. This narrative is what Sheriff     Clark described as making Uncle Sam into your daddy. Instead of looking to your family. Or creating a strong family unit, it’s okay for Uncle Sam to do that for you instead. (another aspect of Socialism.)

The whole nation has identified, to some degree or other, with the Democrat version of reality. That Americans can’t rise out of poverty anymore. That small businesses can’t succeed. That education is only for the privileged white kid. These narratives are but a few of those that have worked to foment the race war that is fueling the riots in our depressed and impoverished inner cities. That have spawned the BM movement. Oh, I guess that is BLM. But BM is more accurate.

Americans need to break free from this corrupt and broken system. This narrative that has us all depressed and enslaved to Political Correctness and forced divisions based on minority  issues – and I mean by that issues of race, religion, sexual orientation, ethnicities, nationalities, etc. etc. We should be united by purpose & fair behaviors – not all these “caucuses” dividing us up so we can be tagged and targeted.

The Democrat Party (and I WON’T use the word “democratic” to describe them)is no longer a legitimate American institution. It has evolved into a political aberration that needs to be stopped before it – and it’s horrifically corrupt members – destroys the America that all our forefathers established and migrated to for a better life. A better life than this political serfdom that they’ve created.

Trump is clear and articulate about what this country needs. He’s breaking that “glass ceiling” of political correctness. I hope enough people wake up from their brainwashing and vote for him & other conservatives & turn this country around.


Today – and Our Future

Make no mistake. I’m no liberal. I’m not even moderate on any subject any more. I’ve absolutely hated watching what an inept, incompetent, radical, wimpy, closet Muslim who holds nothing but disdain for America and everything our great, divinely established country stands for, do his best to destroy this great country. That includes everything about The Constitution.
This election is not a pop idol contest. This election is about the basic principles and ideals that are this nation. The liberals have diverted our vision, but that won’t change the truth.
Trump wasn’t my first choice. In fact, my other choices have proven that my judgment is flawed. I thought this brash, rude, super-egotistical billionaire wasn’t the best choice. When he delayed signing the pledge to support the Republican candidate, I thought he was being selfish & petulant. When in fact, he was taking time for soul-searching and self-reflection before he placed his signature on that pledge. He had to decide whether he could live up to his word. The other candidates rushed to sign the pledges – and just look at those who have not supported him!! Their word is absolutely no good & I wouldn’t stand behind any of them.
Those are the selfish & petulant. Reasonable, ordinary, hard-working Americans saw through them & followed a man who acted like a man. Said what he thought – and actually reflected exactly what we were all thinking. He unleashed the truths that we have kept swallowed down because of the new cult religion – “Political Correctness”. Those who are followers of this have stifled their own thinking processes – actual 1984  humans in the flesh.
Suddenly we started thinking for ourselves. Suddenly the absurdity, the insanity of the liberal narrative that Obama – that Pied Piping Emperor With No Clothes – had been serving up to America for the last 7 years became clear. Suddenly, like Neo in the Matrix, we saw the truth – the electronic matrix fell away & we saw the podded humanoids we’ve become.
Well I see even beyond Trump. I see the most corrupt, crooked criminals lurking in our government ever! I see a judicial system that cannot even dispense the most basic moral justice due to the overburdened laws that serve to create even more of the sub-class that has become our poorest population.
Obama has created and is now enjoying the fruits of his labors of racial divide. The streets are erupting in riots which further impress and convince that underclass of the liberal lies that they are these poor ignorants’ saviors. Pouring more money into their blighted cities – & like a Somalian leader charged with dispensing US food to the starving populace – none of it will reach those in need. Now, they’ll wait to be bussed to polls and without ID, create signatures across towns & states, stuffing the ballot boxes. It happened in 2008. It happened in 2012. You can follow the pattern in Ohio & Pennsylvania. And if it hadn’t been for the hanging chads in Florida in 2000, we would have had Al Gore (excuse me I just threw up a little in my mouth). What a worthless excuse for a man he would have been in light of 9/11.
Obama’s racism & self-hate of his own African lineage & his own father’s desertion of his son, has colored his vision and it’s been evident throughout his term. He has very deep-seated issues, not the least of which is his early childhood indoctrination in Islam. He is religiously conflicted & has not been able to guide this country based on the Judeo-Christian principles upon which it was founded. Obama self-identifies as a black man, but he is not a black American. He is a man who is half Caucasian & half Kenyan. That’s a far cry from being a black American, one whose ancestors truly did suffer the history of slavery. His people did not have that experience.
But, he identified with Michelle who hates the Black American Experience and embraces the most radical tenets & leaders of socialism. He adopted that prejudice and carried it hidden inside him – into the White House. He began by identifying with Trayvon Martin. And he went downhill from there. Inserting his race-baiting and Chnstian-bashing whenever convenient.
The reason I ramble about Obama at this point, is that it helps explain why we have a race-war and anarchist rebellion against law & order on our hands. He did nothing to promote unity & harmony between races. He baited whenever the opportunity presented itself. And now he has the gall to talk about Trump as unfit. He is evil personified.
No one may even read this. (Well a few NSA people may.) But, I am going to write every single day until the election. I will lay out my version of what’s happening. Someone has to. The media is so busy campaigning for Clinton, it make me sick. Journalism is no longer a respected profession. It is a yellow excuse for itself. I am going to write about the false narratives and what is frustrating me beyond measure.
We need to vote for Trump & every other Republican locally & statewide that we can. We will eventually weed out the RINOS and corrupt, two-faced politicians and replace them with citizen-politicians. If we don’t and if Clinton is elected, we won’t have to worry about what I’m writing. There’ll be no country to read any of it. America will implode. While Soros & the Clintons & his pedophile island -owning friend will proceed to laugh and eat cake, while America burns.





The Question On Everyone’s Mind – What The Hell is Wrong With Obama?

Famous Last Words

What the hell is wrong with Obama?? To say this country as we knew it to be seven years ago has disintegrated inside of these past three years is an understatement.  I have been angry. I have been frustrated. I have even been despondent.

Through the last three years we have witnessed the most heinous usurpation of American world leadership ever in our history.

I wept when Carter was elected in ‘76 and I was just a young woman then, but I knew he was an incompetent fool who would cause a great many problems. Of course we were dealing with Iran, oil, Muslim extremists, the same old story. But – I never doubted, or even questioned that Carter was an honorable man. I thought he was naïve. But never corrupt.

Today Kerry sealed the nuclear proliferation deal with Iran. I say proliferation. It is not about non-proliferation.  Reviewing the details of the deal is an exercise in futility. No respectable state in the world would make such a deal – providing immeasurable wealth (I heard the equivalent of 7 trillion dollars to the US) to a country, a theocracy, a government that vows to destroy all non-Muslims, especially Americans & Israelis. They pronounce this daily. Their religious rulers state it unequivocally daily.  And allow them to proliferate nuclear material until they have the bomb – basically unchecked. Oh yeah, and give them missiles to carry them. Why not?

Their culture, indeed their religion, even in its mildest form, encourages deception and outright lying to infidels.  As far as that goes, there is a cultural delight in deceiving each other.  In other words, the more outrageous the fish story, the prouder and more respected the storyteller. Don’t believe me – study the religion and the cultural psychology for yourself.

Given that, there is no way to believe that the Iranians will ever adhere to this “agreement”. Their past performance predicts – no proves – future results. Period.

So, we give them money. Arms (missiles). Nuclear capabilities. It’s like giving the car keys and a club to a drunk wife-beater! What should we expect?? They’ll be in church tomorrow morning?

There are so many things to ponder about the nuclear capabilities of other terrorist dictatorships, namely North Korea, Pakistan, etc., etc. The point is – here we have given carte blanche to the leading supporter of terrorism in the world.  Why – Why – Why does Obama want this deal? We can understand Kerry’s role. He is a short-sighted traitor, again proven by his own actions of the past.

But, Obama – why? Somehow he thinks that if America changes its role in the world, the world will be “transformed” and peace will reign forever more in a global socialist state.  This story is as old as the world itself. Of modern times, can you say Russian revolution, Lenin, Stalin… collapse of the Soviet Union and maybe China, Tao …. Chinese economic collapse. And now Muslims – radical extremists and other Muslims complicit in their deafening supportive silence.

Obama couldn’t tell the truth about anything if it was actually clearly written out in his teleprompter. His narcissism is legendary and he protects himself from legal action by surrounding himself with condescending minions, who are stupid and greedy and mean – basically sociopaths. Congress has been strangled by the corruption and intimidation of these creeps – and of themselves. Who knows what levels of blackmail and threats of violence have been perpetrated on or by our elected officials. There’s no other answer.

But, they better get it together. They better realize this is the absolute end of Obama’s reign of terror. They need to pass their bill tomorrow – to stop this agreement and they better be ready to override Obama’s veto just as fast.

While Congress continues to operate business as usual (that’s another story), Obama has operated outside the law, pushing every envelope with his nearly criminal, overreaching executive orders. While the present Congress and Senate have tried to operate according to the Constitution, Obama couldn’t even quote one word of it – if his life depended on it. Congress better now operate to the full extent of the law and do what Obama won’t and can’t do – save America – and the world.

The only thing left to do – is pray! And write or contact our Representatives or Senators and insist that they stop this.

Who Decides Who Are The Haves and Have Nots?

Have & HaveNots




Howard W. Hunter is simply explaining how governments can fail, based on failing human nature. The one and  only true way people thrive is through their own efforts and recognition of those efforts (in society that is generally  through monetary rewards). Once you empower government to decide who are the “Haves” and the “Have Nots” you take away each and every citizen’s right to choose to give or receive. America’s democracy is the only form of government that best addresses a large population’s highest and best use of self-government. However, when we empower government (or any leadership) to take away our personal rights (as is happening in America today), we put ourselves in danger of being ruled in tyranny. Our government is not perfect, but it is the best ever created and we better wake up and protect it – and our personal rights, or we will end up being dictated to by a few people who do not have our best interests in mind at all.  Good leaders have tried to educate us to these facts – it is up to each of us to choose or not to choose to follow their advice and admonitions. We are personally accountable for the results.






The Real Shuck & Jive

I’ve been worried about what will happen after Jan. 21st. We’ve been helplessly watching what is going on.  Obama can’t lead Congress (let alone anybody who doesn’t worship him) into any cooperation, so he keeps turning to Executive Orders to run the country. However, he keeps pushing them to the edge.  An executive order is supposed to apply only to the Executive Branch of our government.  But, Obama is using it as if he were KING and writing out royal decrees, making law by circumventing Congress. Some are beginning to call him on it. But, tomorrow he is supposed to be signing 19 Executive Orders. What in the world would require that number of orders to be signed into law at once, 16 days into the new year?

Since he cannot get the laws he wants passed through the House, and even the Senate, the  Legislative Branch of government – designated by the Constitution, by the way, he is using Executive Orders to run the country. With each order he signs, he continues to be emboldened and will at some point begin to feel empowered to push the boundaries, until we have relinquished the power of the people to a corrupted man. This is the last thing the founding fathers of our country would have imagined could happen under the very Constitution they wrote to protect the common man in America. Once he is sworn into office again next week, what will stop him? Short of impeachment?

The left continues to divert attention from his unconstitutional actions by using the race card and pinning it on the Republican Party.  Even Colin Powell is being used with him turning on the party, calling it racist for using the term “shuck & jive”.  Unfortunately, too many Americans believe Obama.  He is a deceitful manipulator, the best there is and guess what – he’s as white as he is black. And if that’s racist, so be it.

It’s about behavior not color. Obama & the left keep endorsing low-class and corrupt behavior & then blaming anyone who tries to call it for what it is – that they are racist – because Obama identifies himself as black.  The terms “shuck & jive” describe any person who uses bait & switch & everything from white to bold-faced lies. And Obama has done & does it all.  Republicans are not any more or less racist than anyone else – they are simply demanding high standards of behavior (even if some of their own don’t).  Why are we allowing these people to bully America into turning a blind eye to what’s really going on? Call it what it is – shuckin’ & jivin’ – all Americans.